The use of third-party evidence is a valuable strategy for collecting supplementary evidence of the participant’s ‘everyday performance’ rather than performance carried out as part of the formal assessment process.


The Third Party Report (Version 2.0) resource template has been designed to assist RTOs in implementing robust assessment arrangements when using other parties in the evidence collection process.

 Assessment Task
 Participant, Third Party and Assessor instructions
 Evidence collection tool
 Assessor record and task decision result


The template has been aligned to compliance requirements including:

  • VET Quality Framework, including the Standards for RTOs 2015; and
  • ASQA Guide – Developing Assessment Tools – April 2015.


Version 2 of the resource has been updated to include further guidance from supporting documentation and feedback from recent ASQA audit activities.


The time saving is provided in MS Word format for ease of customisation and use in your RTO – only $16.50 including GST!