We can support your organisation in accelerating digital engagement

Any transformational project needs to be clearly communicated as an aligned and committed part of the organisation’s long-term strategy.
Digital learning is no different.

The process of developing & implementing a successful digital learning strategy is similar to any strategy activity

Drive initiative & vision around the strategy

Clarify the needs & expectations of executive leadership

Confirm needs & wants of the users at the organisational, departmental, business group & individual levels
Users being personnel & clients with extension of the digital environment into service provision

Identify technology tools to support implementation


vetr can assist in ensuring you achieve your objectives!

   Align learning strategy goals with organisational and department goals

 Ensure the support of executive leadership & acceptance of the strategy by contributors & users

 Determine baseline technology requirements and capacity to support the learning strategy

 Partner with the internal stakeholders & professionals in creating a plan for roll-out & implementation

 Devise a methodology to evaluate and measure results


Many organisations have been slow to recognise and adapt to the
opportunities that the digital age has created, instead forcing employees
to persist with antiquated learning management systems.

Be cautious before investing in new systems -
find out about developments from innovative vendors to help build effective learning applications!


Right now, the best solutions...

   Provide mobile & social capabilities

 Easily integrate any type of digital content

 Are agile; able to adapt to as well as influence the changing educational & professional needs

 Are expansive, offering rich opportunities & spaces for learning that extend beyond the organisation

 Are seamless, providing fluid pathways between these various learning spaces

 Empower, giving the learner more control of & responsibility for their learning & development

 Set up standard services for technology, content management & authoring tools

 Reduce operating costs

 Provide a greater impact on your business without increasing expenses

 Focus on learning initiatives that offer the best Return on Investment (ROI)

 Contribute to shaping skills and behaviours that reflect the organisation’s strategic direction

 Increase the learning impact in specific strategies to support organisational strategies



If you’ve got a particular project on the way get in contact to discuss how we might assist any of your business or operational needs!