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Application for Enrolment Form Template



Get ready for 2019 Data Collection!

The Application for Enrolment Form Template (Version 6.0) has been designed as a time saving template to assist RTOs in implementing government enrolments data collection requirements for vocational programs.

The resource has been aligned to operational and jurisdictional compliance requirements across Australia including:

 AVETMISS VET Provider Collection specifications 8.0
 Victorian VET Student Statistical Collection Guidelines - 2019 v1


Version 6 of the resource has been updated for Privacy Notice amendments required by the National VET Data Policy.

Version 5 of the resource has been updated for amendments required for 2019 AVETMISS data collection & 2019 Victorian VET Student Statistical Collection Guidelines.


The resource is provided in MS Word format for ease of customisation and use in your RTO for $14.30 including GST!


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