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Digital Futures - Course Bundle!


Explore evolving technology trends to predict technology changes over the next few decades 

Explore current & future digital realities in this bundle of 4x course topics!


  130+  course registrations 


In The Digital Futurist, we explore evolving technology trends to predict technology changes over the next few decades, including emerging & future technology trends in Virtual & Augmented Reality, mobile, cutting-edge video content, wearable technology and social virtual worlds with regard to their implications for human communication.

The fourth industrial revolution is considered in Digital Disruption & Adoption, with digital disruption is affecting all industries at the same time! Look at the ways in which emerging technologies will transform our lives and overturn current business and employment models.

In The Digital Activist, we explore the rise of digital activism and its consequences! We'll analyse the legal implications, risks and pitfalls of online agitators and will review how to conduct themselves ethically when writing for alternative sources, online news sites and campaign-based media.

And in Cyberculture, cover issues unique to online content with particular emphasis on dealing with reader feedback and the increasing prevalence of trolling, cyberstalking, cyberbullying & social media shaming.


Register now for all four courses for a single registration fee of $66.00 inc GST.



The Digital Futures course bundle is 
offered in association with Cybermedia


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