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Digital Disruption & Adoption

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Explore the fourth industrial revolution - digital disruption is affecting all industries at the same time! 

“Digital disruption is at the heart of all the conversations I have with CEOs today. And this is not surprising, as it presents the most significant threats and opportunities any of us have faced in business.” Pierre Nanterme, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Accenture

As the 21st century heads into its third decade, exponential advances in machine intelligence will transform society in ways we can barely imagine. In fact, this disruptive technology is so powerful that the World Economic Forum calls it the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

If you’re excited about staying ahead of the curve, Digital Disruption & Adoption will transform your view of the future and give you the tools to use new technology in stunning ways.



Digital Disruption & Adoption is offered in association with Cybermedia

Key topics:

Digital Disruption

Also known as the fourth industrial revolution, digital disruption is affecting all industries at the same time.

The robots are coming

The robots are coming to take our jobs. Or are they? The rise of the robot workforce.

Finding your place in a digital world

While the speed of change can be confusing, there are also opportunities in embracing the digital world.

The Supermind

The supermind is the fusion of technology and the human mind. What are the implications for the future of work when the two become one?

Further Resources

We have a package of references & further resources you might also like to explore!



We'll cover key focus areas:

  1. Name the key driver of digital disruption & its four basic features
  2. Identify the economic & social changes amplifying digital disruption
  3. Describe the technologies at the forefront of digital disruption
  4. Critically examine disruptive technology in terms of its affect on current business models and employment
  5. Understand the two main sentiments regarding robots and jobs & formulate your own hypothesis with regard to the future of jobs based on current trends
  6. Speculate on job possibilities for the next few decades and beyond
  7. Devise a tentative plan to guide people in your industry as robots encroach on their jobs
  8. Identify a leader's role in helping others adjust to a digital world & the people skills a leader needs to encourage and motivate those they lead
  9. Understand why a digital future could make us value each other's humanity more than ever
  10. Define the term 'supermind,' a problem the supermind has solved & several problems the supermind could solve as it gets smarter
  11. Outline several ways in which leaders need to prepare themselves & those they lead for the supermind & detail how an industry leader and their people could harness the supermind to solve an issue or make a discovery


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