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Short Courses

The Digital Activist

For someone else
For someone else


This digital short course examines the rise of digital activism and its consequences. 

In the course of a public or media career, individuals meet all kinds of digital activists and engage with many online campaigns and causes.

You may even become an online activist yourself. If so, it's in your interests to behave ethically and professionally.

Interested in finding out more? Thinking about doing more in media?

We'll analyse the legal implications, risks and pitfalls of online agitators and will review how to conduct themselves ethically when writing for alternative sources, online news sites and campaign-based media.

Case studies include Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald.


The Digital Activist is offered in association with Cybermedia

Key topics:

What is Digital Activism

Explore the rise of digital activism and its consequences!

Case Studies

Consider the stories of three hacktivists and one journalist/activist who published secret documents.

Quiet Digital Activism

Observe quiet digital activism in action & consider your digital security.


Complete the short course assessment & earn your 

Digital Activist credential in the blockchain - managed by Accredible!

We'll cover key focus areas:

  1. The origins of online activism
  2. How digital activists operate
  3. The attributes of a digital activist
  4. Where the hashtag originated & how it's used today
  5. The characteristics of a successful hashtag campaign
  6. Meet three hacktivists and one journalist/activist who published secret documents
  7. Explore each activist’s motivations, tactics, and ethics
  8. How to build your own ethical-activist toolkit
  9. Compose your own ethical activist guidelines
  10. How to manage a digital activism campaign
  11. Explore an alternative form of digital activism
  12. Consider quiet activism's effectiveness as a tool for social and economic change
  13. Observe quiet digital activism in action
  14. Follow simple precautions for digital security


    The course is available for 60 days after purchase.


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