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VET Professional Development Series - Annual



Maintaining current knowledge and skills in vocational training and learning has never been this easy!

Five fantastic professional development activities in a single subscription

Perfect for all VET practitioners to support their ongoing vocational teaching, learning & assessment skills currency



Your subscription includes...

  100+ digital video micro-learning courses & video replays on key VET topics

  Daily VET updates with publications, reports & the latest industry commentary

  Monthly live Compliance over Coffee VET compliance video webinars

  Compliance over Coffee back catalogue
     View what's covered in prior episode replays

  Special Events EXTRA! discounted live events & free video replays 
     View what's covered in prior video replays

And an annual Subscription Confirmation Certificate
And your Annual PD Plan format

And discounts for resource purchases & live events on the vetr portal!


Cover all updates anytime, anywhere, on any device!


VET Essentials Series

Short digital video micro-learning updates on
Australian vocational education & training sector concepts & practices.

View Included Essentials Courses

VET How-To! Series

Tackle key topics with a deep dive in how to apply concepts & complete tasks in the daily work of a VET Practitioner.

View Included How-To! Courses

VET Updates - Daily!

Our VET Updates Daily! offering brings you the latest in vocational training and learning news, articles and research from across Australia & Internationally. Access, discuss & share the latest VET reports, industry publications & news in one place.


Compliance over Coffee - Live Show

Grab a coffee & settle in!

Exclusive to VET PD Subscribers & special guests, join us for a regular live webinars informally exploring rolling compliance topics, discussion & questions!

We'll discuss, console & generally explore emerging & latest compliance areas live as raised by you, the vetr community, lead by one of our resident compliance aficionado community advisors.

Propose a topic upfront, Ask a Question live, or just generally view the event as it meanders through a casual conversation on the compliance areas of most burning challenge to the group.

Live show events are scheduled on an ongoing basis & announced via the vetr portal - replays of each episode are also made available to all subscribers!

View what's covered in past episode replays


Special Events EXTRA!

Special Events EXTRA! is where we provide you with free access to other high interest live vetr events that may be running at any stage during the year.

And similar to our other live shows, you can also watch replays of past special events.

Access video replays of previous Special Events on a broad range of topics with National & International presenters.

View Available Special Event Replays



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Note you can cancel your subscription at any time with no further payment.


Vocational Training including Competency-Based Training

  • The Vocational Education & Training Sector
    • Work within the VET policy framework
    • Select appropriate training package or accredited course
    • Analyse and interpret the qualifications framework
    • Analyse and interpret units of competency and accredited modules
  • Language, Literacy & Numeracy
    • Analyse LLN requirements
    • Select and use resources and strategies to address LLN skill requirements
  • Designing Training
    • Define the parameters of the learning program
    • Interpret learning environment and delivery requirements
    • Contextualise units and modules for client applications
    • Design the structure of the learning program
    • Develop program content
    • Prepare resources for delivery
  • Facilitating Training
    • Prepare session plans
    • Deliver and facilitate training sessions
    • Support and monitor learning

Vocational Learning

  • Supporting Learning
    • Interpret learning environment and delivery requirements
    • Establish the learning-facilitation relationship
    • Support and monitor learning
    • Maintain and develop the learning-facilitation relationship
    • Close and evaluate the learning-facilitation relationship
  • Language, Literacy & Numeracy
    • Use specialist LLN support where required
    • Evaluate effectiveness of learning support in addressing LLN requirements
  • Work-Based Learning
    • Establish effective work environment for learning
    • Develop a work-based learning pathway
    • Implement the work-based learning pathway

Assessment including Competency-Based Assessment

  • Prepare for Assessment
    • Prepare for the assessment
    • Analyse and interpret units of competency and accredited modules
    • Analyse and interpret assessment information
    • Determine the assessment approach
  • Plan and Design Assessment
    • Prepare the assessment plan
    • Identify modification and contextualisation requirements
    • Contextualise units and modules for client applications
    • Determine the focus of the assessment tool
    • Clarify role and responsibilities in the assessment process
    • Design the assessment tool
    • Develop the assessment instruments
    • Develop the assessment tool
    • Review and trial the assessment tool
  • Conduct Assessment
    • Support the candidate
    • Confirm organisational arrangements for evidence gathering
    • Collect evidence in accordance with the assessment plan
    • Gather quality evidence
    • Make the assessment decision
    • Record and report the assessment decision
    • Review the assessment process
  • Language, Literacy & Numeracy
    • Evaluate effectiveness of assessment strategies in addressing LLN requirements
  • Validation
    • Prepare for validation
    • Participate in the validation of assessment tools
    • Contribute to validation outcomes
    • Record and report findings


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