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Here's a quick listing of items covered on each of the past Compliance over Coffee live show episodes - now available via replay to all VET PD Series subscribers on an ongoing basis!


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Christmas Show!


Compliance over Coffee: November 2021 - Items covered...

Special Guest: Kerri Buttery, MD VETNexus

  Entry requirements vs pre-requisites

  Updates for the month

  Statistics from ASQA's annual report


Compliance over Coffee: October 2021 - Items covered...

Special Guest: Angela McGregor, RTO Consulting

  Currency & PD Records

 Tips for trainers to maintain and document currency

  ASQA's new Performance Assessment Process

  Do trainer's currency records need to be documented at the qualification level?

  Updates for the month


Compliance over Coffee: September 2021 - Items covered...

Phill Bevan, vetr Community Advisor

  Tips for robust Validation records

  Where trainer matrix' go wrong

  VET Qualifications Reform Consultation

 ASQA's 2021-2022 Corporate Plan

 VET Workforce Quality Strategy Consultation


Compliance over Coffee: August 2021 - Items covered...

Special Guest: Laurie Kelly, Brain Friendly Training

  Managing the Training Environment

  Brain Friendly Training techniques

  Updates for the month


Compliance over Coffee: July 2021 - Items covered...

Special Guest: Michael Wolf, Lupo Digital

  Sales for Marketing

  If a unit has a new release, but the qualification hasn't been updated, do we use the new release unit in the current qualification?

  All mid year updates on State & Territory budgets & contractual updates


Compliance over Coffee: June 2021 - Items covered...

Special Guest: Kerri Buttery, MD VETNexus

  Transitions made eas(ier)

  Equivalency & Credit Transfer

  How to make feedback meaningful to your learners/ expectation of feedback for both Satisfactory versus Not Satisfactory outcomes


Compliance over Coffee: May 2021 - Items covered...

Special Guest: Angela McGregor, RTO Consulting

  Requirements of trainers & how failure to maintain records can cause non-compliance

  After pay options for students appears to be extremely hard to attain for new RTOs, how do we get around this?

  Your thoughts on the ITECA accreditation for trainers?

  Skills initiatives in Federal Budget 2021/22


Compliance over Coffee: April 2021 - Items covered...

Phill Bevan, vetr Community Advisor

  Overview of ASQA's new Regulatory Guides

  Authenticity in Online Assessment

  TAE22 on the way? I have TAE40110 - Should I be upgrading to TAE16 before an updated Training Package is released?

  Financial Management was wondering if one wanted to implement option to hold an membership with an approved Tuition Assurance Scheme. How can we find approved providers?

  How do we authenticate a Certificate or Statement of Attainment when the RTO is no longer operational?

  Our 2nd 5 year validation cycle started in April 2020, but some of the qualifications on our scope haven't been delivered since 2018. What do you suggest we do to remain compliant with validation requirements for those qualifications as we don't have any recent assessment judgements?


Compliance over Coffee: March 2021 - Items covered...

Special guest: Casey Helman, Casey Helman Consulting

 Top findings from 2020 reviews

 Verify versus Certify versus Authenticate - please explain?

 It's interesting when an assessment question is straight forward such as what legislation governs work health and safety in your work place. How do you have a benchmark answer for a subjective question?


Compliance over Coffee: February 2021 - Items covered...

Special guest: John Price, The VET Gurus

  Volume of Learning and the Amount of Training – the ‘Statics’ and the ‘Variables’

  When Skill Sets are listed as 'implicit' under the RTO's Scope page on training.gov.au , does the RTO need to apply to their regulator to have these added to their Scope of Registration

  If a trainer comes on board with an old TAE qualification that contains the units listed under a skill set, does this mean they hold the skill set for the purposes of working under supervision?

  If students are completing mandatory 'hours of work' in the workplace to practice their skills and knowledge, is this still considered structured training?


Compliance over Coffee: December 2020 - Items covered...

Special Guests: Michelle Charlton, Advisor VET PD Group, Kerri Buttery, MD VETNexus & Tony Kirton, Engage L&D

  Christmas Show!

  Updates for the Month

  VET inspiring stories of 2020 and hopes for 2021! 


Compliance over Coffee: November 2020 - Items covered...

Special Guest: Allison Miller, Digital Capability

  Online Assessment Evidence

  Updates for the Month

  ASQA Self Assurance Consultation

  In Schedule 1 of the SRTOs, several item numbers state that trainers are required to hold, "One of the following credentials" eg TAESS00014. Is it sufficient for trainers to hold the individual units that make up the skill set, or must they hold the specified skill set?


Compliance over Coffee: October 2020 - Items covered...

Special Guest: Tony Kirton, Engage L&D

  Compliance’ is only one element of quality assessment practice.

  What is 'Quality' Assessment

  2020/21 Federal Budget measures

  Updates for the month


Compliance over Coffee: September 2020 - Items covered...

Special Guest: Michelle Charlton, VET PD Group

  Self-assurance - what's changed & what hasn't? 

  Other than auditors (and compliance staff), does anyone actually ever look at a TAS'? RTOs spend a lot of time rewriting and keeping them up to date but who is meant to be the target audience?

  Online delivery appeared in ASQA's 2020-2022 Regulatory strategy as a focus area. Do you think RTOs who commence online learning now will raise a red flag so to speak, especially those who deliver very practical courses?


Compliance over Coffee: August 2020 - Items covered...

Special Guest: Jason Ash, GM MRWED Training & Assessment

Virtually normal - Strategies for remote working

What key mistakes do you see RTOs making during there response to COVID?

What are the key statements our TASs need to contain to address the change to online delivery because of COVID? Have you seen a good template that addresses the changes?


Compliance over Coffee: July 2020 - Items covered...

Phill Bevan, vetr Communty Advisor

Top Tips for Trainers to end 2020

How is the new government microcredentials system going to work?

How did the TAE evolve to include Trainer/Assessors having to develop Assessment Tools?


Compliance over Coffee: June 2020 - Items covered...

Special Guests: Michelle Charlton, Advisor VET PD Group & Kerri Buttery, MD VETNexus

The Reform Agenda

  Productivity Commission Interim Report into the National Agreement for Skills & Workforce Development

  How can we develop practical assessments that require students to demonstrate the tasks which require physical contact or use of specific equipment in a way that they can be conducted remotely especially with the lockdowns in place and workplaces closed?



Compliance over Coffee: May 2020 - Items covered...

Special Guest: Melanie MacDonald, Growth Strategist at Mana Social

  Driving Growth in your RTO

  Marketing tips for growing your potential student pipeline

  Authenticity is difficult to verify even without online assessment. There are difficulties around privacy. How can we overcome this?

  What are people using SA VET Market Continuity Package for?


Compliance over Coffee: April 2020 - Items covered...

Special Guest: Tamara Simon, MD Take Another Look

  Rebuilding Your RTO!

  Are we able to re-issue Qualifications and Statements of Attainment in a different name when a student has changed their name?

  Are regulators still auditing RTO's during this current environment?

  Are RTOs able to provide credit transfer for units they they do not have on scope themselves?


Compliance over Coffee: March 2020 - Items covered...

Special Guest: Rob Bright, MD Cloud Assess

  Going Digital, Taking Vocational Assessment Online

  How can we ensure compliance around digital assessment?

  Are there any particular tips you have learned that auditors like or dislike?

  Do you have any comments regarding observations of performance in a digital format?

  Advanced Diplomas require more complex and in depth assessment which quizzes/multiple choice are not suitable for. Any suggestions for digitising higher level assessments?


Compliance over Coffee: February 2020 - Items covered...

Special Guest: Kerri Buttery, Director of VETNexus

  Third Party Arrangements

  What to do when dates on TGA for our training products don't match - sometimes there is a difference between the live site and the history extract.

  Validation - how much external/internal validation should be aimed for?

  How do SSO's consult with Industry? 

  An RTO uses a third party to deliver first aid. I'm assuming that this is an issue if the RTO doesn't also have first aid on their scope?


Compliance over Coffee: January 2020 - Items covered...

Special Guest: Sinead McKenna, Manager - PwC Skills for Australia

  Overview of Skills Service Organisations (SSos), Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) and the training package development / update process

  TAE 3.0 & the new disability focused units of competency

  Outline of the People with a Disability in VET project & new free elearning for VET Practitioners

  Trainer Profiles - how to make the process as time efficient as possible without losing quality of trainers' answers and CPD action plans?


Compliance over Coffee: December 2019 - Items covered...

Special Guest: Michelle Charlton, Consultant - Validations

  If the RTO is advertising on Facebook, for example, can the RTO code just be in the About section of the page, or does it need to be on each individual post?

  Does the RTO ID have to be on the Assessment material?

  Trainer and Assessor currency - Vocation only or Vocation and TAE? 

  On enrolment, when asking for a middle name, what if there are more than one - for example, have two or more middle names? Should there be a statement on the enrolment form that indicates to the student to complete their name as per their USI registration?


Compliance over Coffee: November 2019 - Items covered...

Special Guest: Damian Peirce, Field Operations Manager, MEGT

  New AASN Contracts from 1 February 2020

  Engaging employers in training

  Why don't regulators use industry experts in audits?

  Do you think the various State Regulators should take a more pro-active (actual attendances) role in ensuring apprentices are being trained professionally?

  Opinions on the cost recovery actions by ASQA

  Changes with NSW Fee Free Traineeships, is this all trainees?


Compliance over Coffee: October 2019 - Items covered...

Special Guest: Emma Siebuhr, National Training Manager, Fortress Learning

  TAE Upgrade – Research findings from Fortress Learning.

  VIC Skills First Program - Requirement for 2x Evidence of Participation & overview of Activity Start & End Dates.

  How big a part can Industry play in determining how much Industry PD our Trainer/Assessors require to stay current?

  Does the AQF take precedence over ASQA or does ASQA direct and control AQF?


Compliance over Coffee: September 2019 - Items covered...

Special Guest: Michelle Charlton, Consultant - Training Tools Australia

  Top tips for your Training & Assessment Strategies.

  Overview of Volume of Learning, Amount of Training & Nominal Hours for Training & Assessment Strategies.

  What is the best method for evidencing that you have sufficient resources to deliver training and conduct assessment for a unit/course?

  What are your views on a point system to assist trainers and assessors with how much PD is enough to remain current?

  Is a Trainer permitted to teach a VET course while awaiting results of one unit (TAEASS502) to complete the upgrade to TAE40116? There is some talk that the Trainer can deliver but must assess under supervision.

  What sort of LLN testing do you recommend for a course that only lasts one day?

  Whilst interviews with each enrolling student would provide you with first hand physical "evidence" in identifying any student LLN issues, how is this evidence recorded? Are you making a judgement call verbally? Do you then direct them to a LLN test ? 


Compliance over Coffee: August 2019 - Items covered...

Special Guest: Rachel Taylor, RTO Manager at MacKillop Catholic College NT

  Building a Positive Attitude towards compliance

  What is the main driver of the number of RTOs closing?

  So many resources and webinars reference employing correct pedagogy in VET. But shouldn't we be looking at an Andragogical model?

  What are the "dimensions of competency" and how do they play into validation of assessment evidence?

  Suggestions for how to manage the change process of swapping to the new VSL reporting timeframes once the TCSI system is rolled out?

  Does an RTO have to conduct LLN assessments for every prospective student enrolling in NRT courses/qualifications?


Compliance over Coffee: July 2019 - Items covered...

Special Guest: Michelle Charlton, Consultant - Validations

  Buying off the shelf & confirming fit for use!

  Who thinks the AQTF Learner Survey needs a review?

  Does a TAS have to specifically included trainer/s name/s for delivery and assessment?

  How regularly should training product reviews be conducted (best practice)?


Compliance over Coffee: June 2019 - Items covered...

Special Guest: Rachel Taylor, RTO Manager at MacKillop Catholic College NT

  Getting audit ready!

  Determining quantity requirements to ensure trainers delivering VET are industry current (hold industry vocational competency)

  Your take on ASQA issuing infringement notices / fines to 187 RTOs in April who didn't submit their data on time

  Do we have to have validated old / superseded training products that were on our scope but we no longer deliver?

  How does requirement for RTOs providing evidence to demonstrate compliance work with the requirement to only retain assessment samples of work for 6 months?


Compliance over Coffee: May 2019 - Items covered...

Special Guest: Kerri Buttery, Director of VETNexus

  Tips for running an effective internal Training Product review!

  Is a qualification authentication considered to be providing personal information, and if not, is asking for proof of permission from student valid?

  What are your thoughts on mandatory pre-enrolment assessments for all students regardless of qualification requirements to undertake testing? State funding contract has implied we need evidence of an entry assessment for all students

  Can high risk units such as Workplace health and safety and Food safety be RPL'd?


Compliance over Coffee: April 2019 - Items covered...

Special Guest: Ian Whitehouse, MD Digital Coaching & Consultancy

  Top tips when going digital!

  How do we verify a qualification if the issuing RTO has closed?

  How do we improve our feedback / evaluation surveys response rate? 

  What to do when a "Notice of Intention to Sanction" or "Infringement Notice" arrives from the regulator


Compliance over Coffee: March 2019 - Items covered...

Phill Bevan, vetr Community Advisor

  Verifying & authenticating documentation - Tips & pitfalls

  Relevance & use of JP certified documentation

  Outline of the new ASQA General Direction - Resourcing requirements—for applicants seeking initial registration or change to scope of registration

  Does a student have to meet the qualification Entry Requirements before we enrol them, or can we complete these units before they start the course?


Compliance over Coffee: February 2019 - Items covered...

Special Guest: Deb Carr, MD Think about Learning

  Barriers to student engagement in RPL & strategies providers can use to support the process

  Do we need to map Foundation Skills when mapping our Assessment Tools?


Compliance over Coffee: January 2019 - Items covered...

Phill Bevan, vetr Community Advisor

  Changes to Trainer & Assessor Matrix documentation for 1 April 2019?

  Top Tips: Updating your individual Trainer & Assessor Matrix

  Enrolment documentation & process changes for 2019 - National VET Data Policy, AVETMISS, VIC VETMISS?

  Why does meeting the requirements of TAEASS502 seem so difficult?


Compliance over Coffee: December 2018 - Items covered...

Phill Bevan, vetr Community Advisor

  The ""Compliance Context"

  Using other parties to collect evidence!

  Dates! What do all the various types of course dates mean from a compliance perspective?

  How do unit of competency transitions affect what we deliver in our training products?


Compliance over Coffee: November 2018 - Items covered...

Phill Bevan, vetr Community Advisor

  Format for the Compliance over Coffee live shows

  Task Items List regarding compliance to make sure you're ready for the start of the new year

  When can we start enrolling students for the new year?

  Items to include in your Annual Continuous Improvement Calendar or Audit Schedule

  Electronic signatures, what is and isn't possible?