Time to overhaul your RTO’s management tracking registers?


ASQA reports that still more than 70% RTOs are not compliant when audited against compliance requirements for the quality assurance of their operations (Standard 2)!


The Management Registers Support Pack (Version 2.0) has been designed to assist RTOs in effectively tracking and managing key operational areas.

The Management Registers Support Pack includes:

 Action Plan
 Appeals Register
 Approved Personnel Register
 Complaints Register
 Document Register
 Continuous Improvement Register
 Industry Engagement Register
 Marketing Register
 NSW Smart & Skilled Financial Cap RTO Estimator
 Professional Development Register
 Third Party Agreements Register
 Third Party Partner – Details Register
 Training Products Register
 WHS Register


Version 2 of the resource has been updated for Victorian Skills First 2018 VET Funding Contract & Guideline requirements.


Resources have been aligned to operational and jurisdictional compliance requirements including:

  • Standards for RTOs 2015
  • Funding contract requirements across state jurisdictions


Aligned to general operational and compliance definitions, inbuilt drop down lists ensure compliance information is consistently applied and allows for ease of future data sorting and analysis.

/files/828826/Registers-Summary.pdfThe pack contains 14 handy registers to support key RTO operations. Where useful, registers include conditional formatting and colour coding to assist in highlighting key information and item status.


The resources are provided in MS Excel format and are easily uploaded to GDrive and converted to Google Sheets for online cloud based use with your RTO team. Easy of customisation and use in your RTO – a huge time saver for only $99.00 including GST!