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Student Support Services Guide



The provision of student support services information to all students is a critical service for any VET Provider.

The Student Support Services Guide  assists VET Providers with a first step in these services in providing a handy ready-to-use guide on common internal & external support services for students.

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The Student Support Services Guide includes general information on:

Student Rights & RTO Responsibilities   
Educational Support Services   
Pre-Enrolment Materials    
Study Support & Study Skills Programs   
 Language, Literacy & Numeracy Programs   
Specialised Support Services    
Flexible Learning Options    
Additional Support Services    
 External Support Services - National   
External Support Services - Local (for RTOs to customise to their local region)   
 Emergency Contacts & Useful Links   


This useful resource is provided as a 24 page A4 booklet (4,300 words) & is provided in three (3) formats:

              1. Ready to use / print PDF booklet, with professional graphic design.
              2. Text content in MS Word format for RTOs wishing to include the information in other formats or publications such as using on a website, blog or regular tips emails to students!
              3. Canvas design file for editing, customisation & commercial printing of the professional graphic design version if desired.
                Add your logo, easily change colours, fonts etc!

View sample pages from the Guide

The resource is provided available to reprint & reproduce as needed and is easily integrated within a provider’s initial or ongoing information package & resources support for students at all vocational course levels.


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