ASQA has raised in recent provider briefings it is finding many RTOs have not yet commenced implementing their validation plan: all RTOs holding registration from early 2015 should have validated at least 50% of products by April 2018!

The Standards for RTOs 2015 require significant review and amendment of RTO Validation policies, procedures and practices. Particularly validation of assessment arrangements remains one of the key areas of focus in the VET sector.

The Validation Practices Support Pack (Version 4.0) has been designed to assist RTOs in identifying and implementing validation practices in line with the regulatory framework.

vetr’s Validation Practices Support Pack includes:

 Validation Policy Statement
 Unpacking a Unit of Competency Tool (Current and prior Unit of Competency format templates included)
 Competency Mapping for Learning Resources (Current and prior Unit of Competency format templates included)
 Competency Mapping for Assessment Tools (Current and prior Unit of Competency format templates included)
 Validation Plan Template (including notes and tips for key planning aspects)
 Assessment Validation – Assessment Tool Report
 Assessment Validation – Assessment Judgement Report


Version 4 has been updated to include additional guidance and recordkeeping options for the Validation Plan, schedule, sampling & random selection approaches.

Version 3 has been updated to include amended guidance for the Standards for RTOs Amendment 2017 legislative instrument.


Purchase the Support Pack now and also receive access to a free digital short course providing an overview of the pack for you and your team!

Including a Statement of Participation for all individuals completing the short course for PD records!



50 pages of example policy and template documentation (ten documents in all) to assist RTOs to implement improved validation practices.

Avoid these common audit non-compliances:

  • Sampling is not valid, doesn’t reflect the risk to quality.
  • Not retaining sufficient assessment evidence to be able to validate assessment judgements.
  • Lack of rigour and independence in validation.
  • Not being thorough.
  • The assessment tools used are not retained.
  • No evidence the recommended changes were implemented.


The resource is provided in MS Word format for ease of customisation and use in your RTO and represents exceptional value for $77.00 including GST.