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EmpowerU: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

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EmpowerU Support Series: Essential Skills for Success in Study, Work & Well-being

From our EmpowerU Support Series comes our latest short impactful online course designed to support individual and professional development and maximise efficiency and productivity in learning and working.

This course will introduce you to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB). By the time you’ve finished this course, you’ll be better equipped to understand the importance of DEIB and support diversity initiatives in the workplace, the classroom and in society.

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2 hours in duration

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   NOTE: This online course is undertaken via the CWTS elearning Portal - Not via the vetr Portal.   
   Access to the course is not instant.  
   On purchase, all purchasers are provided with information to self-register qwith CWTS for course access.   


What we cover...

  • Define diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, and understand their importance in creating inclusive environments.
  • Explore the various advantages of implementing DEIB practices.
  • Learn how socialisation from birth shapes our views and behaviours.
  • Identify and eliminate conscious and unconscious biases through critical self-examination.
  • Discover different types of identities, their intersections, and how they influence perceptions and treatment by others.
  • Understand the elements and types of empathy, and their relationship with diversity, and develop skills in compassionate empathy and emotional intelligence.
  • Gain insights into different types of oppression and how societal and cultural systems perpetuate injustice.
  • Learn strategies to foster a sense of belonging in various settings.


Why Enrol?

  • Equip yourself with knowledge and skills to support and promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in your personal and professional life.
  • Learn practical strategies to create inclusive and supportive environments that value and respect individual differences.
  • Improve your empathy and emotional intelligence, essential for meaningful DEI work and effective interpersonal relationships.
  • Combat bias and oppression. Understand and address biases and systemic oppression, contributing to a more equitable and just society.
  • Discover how to create moments of belonging that enhance collaboration, engagement, and well-being in diverse communities.
  • Support diversity initiatives by being better prepared to support and lead diversity initiatives in various contexts, driving positive change and inclusion.


 A Statement of Participation is available on completion of course activities.



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Here is the course outline:

Access the Course

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The following statements are received when the course is completed:

CWTS Statement of Participation
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