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Design Thinking for Vocational Education - How-to!

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A design mindset is learner & solution focused

This short course explores the transformative impact of Design Thinking in vocational education, offering a dynamic approach to problem-solving and innovation. Participants will delve into the user-centric philosophy, learning to empathise with students and apprentices for more effective teaching methods. The course emphasises Design Thinking's adaptability to industry needs, fostering creativity and collaboration among learners.

Explore design thinking as a way to innovate in vocational education, empowering educators and professionals to thrive in the ever-evolving professional landscape.

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2 hours in duration.



What we cover...

 The Five Stages of Design Thinking

 Connecting with Students' Needs & Experiences

 Generating Creative Solutions for Training

 Testing & Refining Educational Tools & Methods

 From Theory to Practice

 Top Tips!


Confirm your understanding of current terms, definitions & requirements.

 A Statement of Completion is available on completion of course activities.



  • Designing Training
    • Define the parameters of the learning program
    • Interpret learning environment and delivery requirements
    • Design the structure of the learning program


  • Supporting Learning
    • Interpret learning environment and delivery requirements


Here is the course outline:


14 min

Let's explore a Design Thinking approach for vocational education.

Connecting with Students' Needs & Experiences

20 min

Understand students' needs via Empathy Mapping.

Generating Creative Solutions for Training

30 min

Foster creativity & innovation in VET via Design Thinking.

From Theory to Practice

51 min

Implementing Design Thinking in your professional practice.


The following statements are received when the course is completed:

Statement of Completion
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