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Good Governance - Overview of ISO 37000:2021

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ISO 37000 - the first ever international benchmark for good governance

In this comprehensive webinar recorded in February 2024, we explore the governance principles and applications of ISO 37000, the international standard for governance of organisations.

Designed to provide a roadmap for effective governance, ISO 37000 is pivotal for organisations seeking to enhance accountability, transparency, and ethical practices.

This webinar summarises the standard’s guidelines, offering practical insights into how organisations can implement robust governance frameworks that drive sustainable success and ethical business conduct.

Explore how to align organisational purpose, strategy, and values with the principles of good governance. 


Replay details

Duration: 1 hour, 15 minutes

Investment: $33.00 inc GST. 

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What we cover

 An overview of ISO 37000, its purpose, and its significance 

 Delve into the eleven (11) governance principles outlined in ISO 37000

 Practical strategies and steps for implementing governance frameworks in line with ISO 37000

  Real-world scenarios demonstrating the application and impact of ISO 37000 in various organisational contexts


Great presentation & informative
Until this webinar I was unfamiliar with ISO37000 & the 11 principles
I liked the 11 principles expressed as a circle diagram

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Our Presenter

Phill Bevan is a seasoned VET expert, working with hundreds of public, not-for-profit, private and enterprise VET providers over the last two decades.

Phill has served on 10+ boards in the last 20 years including corporate, not-for-profit, education & family business organisations. Over 2 decades he has delivered both short form and extended governance training programs to hundreds of board directors and committee members, including government-owned enterprises, in Australia and offshore.

As a qualified auditor, Phill has leveraged these skills in numerous enterprises to support issue identification and robust business improvement projects. As an experienced advisor, Phill offers a wealth of practical understanding, knowledge and expertise across key RTO operating requirements. With real world application of all aspects of business, including strategic & business planning, marketing & development, technology implementation, risk management and WHS, Phill has demonstrated success in senior management roles across a range of business types and projects. 


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