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How to Design, Develop & Implement LLND Assessments

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Identify the key steps involved in designing new LLND assessments

Language, Literacy, Numeracy and Digital (LLND) skills are now recognised as fundamental to improved workforce participation, productivity, and social inclusion. Every workplace task involves reading, writing, speaking, listening, mathematical skills and some form of digital capacity. Learners who have limitations in one or more of these core LLND skill areas, will have difficulty participating in training programs and in achieving necessary workplace skills.

The development of relevant LLND skills at the appropriate level should therefore be seen as an integral component of a trainer’s practice, as they need to ensure that LLND skill development occurs, to maximise all learners’ chances of a successful outcome against the training specification requirements. As such, it is important that LLND assessments are designed, developed, and implemented effectively. 

This webinar replay with Marc Ratcliffe recorded in 2022 explores the steps involved in creating new LLND assessments (both generic and contextualised) and deploying them as a tool for identifying learner needs and supporting growth in the development of required LLND skills.

Key Outcomes:

  • Identify the key steps involved in designing new LLND assessments
  • Review an ideal structure for the creation of LLND assessments
  • Use the Australian Core Skills Framework and Digital Literacy Skills Framework to underpin the development of LLND assessments at different levels
  • Identify how to have new LLND assessments validated
  • Describe how to implement the LLND assessment process.


Replay details

Duration: 1 hour

Investment: $55.00 inc GST.

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Marc Ratcliffe - CEO, MRWED Training and Assessment

Marc is a multi-award-winning trainer, author and education entrepreneur. He is the CEO and founder of MRWED Training and Assessment, a private RTO that specialises in Trainer Training. He is a strong advocate for "edu-tainment" and believes that learner involvement and fun are integral to student success. He continues to be an in-demand conference speaker and workshop facilitator, having presented at more than 50 conferences in a dozen countries in the past decade and was recently named as the winner of the “Best Training and Development Leadership” Award at the World Training and Development Congress.


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  • Language, Literacy & Numeracy
    • Analyse LLN requirements
    • Select and use resources and strategies to address LLN skill requirements



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