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Product Based Tasks - Developing Assessment Tools #5: How-To!

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Project & project assessment instrument design is the key focus!

We develop workplace / simulated / scenario, product / project instruments live with real unit examples.

Ensuring clear instructions & tasks, documenting context, developing robust evaluative criteria & integrating skills & knowledge are all key factors.

Using real unit of competency examples and assessment contexts, we engage in the development of assessment tools, delving into what makes assessment tools fit-for-purpose, usable & efficient!

And we're providing vetr's Product Assessment Instrument Template for you to use -
follow along &  prepare your own product assessment task during the course!

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1 hour, 45 minutes in duration.

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What we'll cover

  Developing workplace / simulated / scenario product or project instruments

  Ensuring clear instructions & tasks

  Documenting context!

  Applying the Principles of Assessment & Rules of Evidence

  Developing robust evaluative criteria

  Reasonable adjustment considerations

  Integrating skills & knowledge

  Unit Clustering considerations

  With volumes of tips & tricks along the way!


The best part is seeing it happen & hearing the thought process
Templates and structure for project based assessment, confirmed my own understanding
Great examples & processes used
Great information and clear presentation
Relevant content & examples
Valuable insights on conducting assessments with different methods
Another great session
A lot of great information to take away

Participant feedback

 A Statement of Completion is available on completion of course activities.


Assessment including Competency-Based Assessment

  • Plan and Design Assessment
    • Identify modification and contextualisation requirements
    • Clarify role and responsibilities in the assessment process
    • Design the assessment tool
    • Develop the assessment instruments


Here is the course outline:

Designing product-based assessments

1 hr, 47 min

Kick off with a look at key terms, definitions & the assessment contexts being covered

Template - Product Assessment Instrument

2 min

Download & use our Product Assessment Instrument Template as part of course activities

Further Vocational Education Resources

3 min

Having completed the course, now continue exploring our collation of authoritative sources of information on vocational education


The following statements are received when the course is completed:

Statement of Completion
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