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Validating Assessment Tools: How-To!

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See an assessment tool validation in practice

Take a detailed look at the process of validating assessment tools.

We dive deep into assessment tool validation requirements including assessment mapping, context & conditions of assessment and applying the Principles of Assessment & Rules of Evidence.

Using a real assessment tool example, we engage in the validation of assessment tools beyond the mere 'tick, it's compliant,' delving into what makes assessment tools fit-for-purpose, usable & efficient! And along the way address the various flaws, pitfalls, tips & tricks to ensure that you have strategies to address the tool validation needs of your organisation.

And we're providing vetr's Assessment Tool Validation Report template for you to use -
follow along & document your own tool validation during the course!


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2.5 hours in duration.

  110+  course registrations

What we'll cover

  Key validation terms & definitions

  Assessment mapping expectations

  Checking context & conditions of assessment

  Checking clear & concise instructions 

  Applying the Principles of Assessment & Rules of Evidence

  Reviewing tasks to be administered

  Checking assessment decision-making rules & benchmarks

  Reviewing recording requirements

  With volumes of tips & tricks along the way!


All of it was excellent
The examples used were very useful in the presentation to demonstrate key points
Talking through what the presenter is thinking straight off the bat when he opened the assessment tools was fantastic
Presentation flowed well
The presenter gives clear guidance
Another excellent session
Very informative & mapped against the Standards
Participant feedback


Confirm your understanding of current terms, definitions & requirements, & implement robust approaches!

 A Statement of Completion is available on completion of course activities.


Assessment including Competency-Based Assessment

  • Validation
    • Prepare for validation
    • Participate in the validation of assessment tools
    • Contribute to validation outcomes
    • Record and report findings


Here is the course outline:

Key validation terms & definitions

21 min

Cover key terms & definitions related to validation of assessment tools from authoritative sources to ensure a clear understanding of the topic before we begin validating

Items to check when validating

29 min

Using scenarios & real world examples, we'll dive into the minimum requirements to be considered & checked as part of any assessment tool valiation activity - & the recording approach to ensure that your validation achieves minimum compliance expectations

Validating a real assessment tool example

1 hr, 43 min

Engage as we run through detailed key validation activities on a real world assessment tool, highlighting strengths of the tool design & areas presenting common challenges & possible improvements

Template: Assessment Tool Validation Report

1 min

Access & download vetr's Assessment Tool Validation Report Template for your use

Further vocational education resources

3 min

Having completed the course, now continue exploring our collation of authoritative sources of information on vocational education


The following statements are received when the course is completed:

Statement of Completion
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