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Using Other Parties in Evidence Collection: How-To!

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Lets share the load - Using other parties effectively for evidence collection!

A detailed look at the use of other parties in the evidence collection process.

We explore where the use of other parties - commonly for Third Party Reporting in the assessment process - is often going wrong, causing significant assessment angst, and how to ensure a streamlined, robust approach for effective use of other parties by your Assessor team. 

And we're providing vetr's Other Party Observation Report (Third Party Report) Template for you to use -
follow along & document your evidence collection tool during the course!

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30 minutes in duration.

  120+  course registrations

What we'll cover

  Overview of the use of other parties

  Who is an appropriate party?

  How evidence collection should be implemented to support the Rules of Evidence

  Key tips & tricks to meet minimum compliance requirements, and for effective use of other parties


Clear & precise information
I found very useful the reminder throughout the presentation of Rules of Evidence
Tips for what to write in documentation for 3rd party collection!
Information is well presented
Allowed us to improve our TPR Template

Participant feedback


Confirm your understanding of current terms, definitions & requirements.

 A Statement of Completion is available on completion of course activities.


Assessment including Competency-Based Assessment

  • Plan and Design Assessment
    • Clarify role and responsibilities in the assessment process
    • Develop the assessment instruments
  • Conduct Assessment
    • Collect evidence in accordance with the assessment plan
    • Gather quality evidence
    • Make the assessment decision
    • Record and report the assessment decision


Here is the course outline:

Key terms & definitions

8 min

Implementation factors to consider

33 min

Template: Other Party Observation Report (Third Party Report)

2 min

Further vocational education resources

3 min


The following statements are received when the course is completed:

Statement of Completion
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