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Australian Notifiable Data Breach Scheme

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A data breach happens when personal information is lost or accessed or disclosed without authorisation.

The Privacy Act 1988 covers your organisation or agency. Under this Act, amendments have been implemented to protect individuals if a data breach occurs involving personal information which is likely to result in serious harm. If a data breach meets the criteria of an ‘Eligible Data Breach’, your organisation must notify affected individuals and The Australian Government Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

It is essential that everyone within the organisation, including you, is educated and responsible for the protection of data that holds personal information about employees or clients.

As such, this course has been designed for employees, contractors and third-party suppliers, in order to help you to understand the basics of Notifiable Data Breaches, your individual rights, and what you can do to help secure your own data and that of others.

This NDB overview course consists of rapid learning modules, providing short and concise education snippets that include video, readings, and practical application.

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3-4 hours in duration.



What we cover

  Personal Identifiable Information

  How can data be collected and exposed

  Industry awareness of the NDB Scheme

  Which organisations must comply with the NDB scheme

  What constitutes an eligible data breach

  What to do If you suspect a data breach

  What to do if you have been breached


 A Statement of Completion is available on completion of course activities.



The following statements are received when the course is completed:

icom4 Statement of Completion
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