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VIC Skills First Implementation Pack



The VIC Skills First Implementation Pack (Version 8.3) has been designed to assist RTOs in identifying all contractual requirements and implement robust arrangements in RTO operations.

The Implementation Pack includes:

 Register of Trainers and Assessors
 Student Advice & Pre-Training Review Policy
 Pre-Training Review Record Form
 VIC Skills First Student Declaration Form
 Child Safety Policy, aligned to new Victorian Child Safe Standards requirements
 Skills First Quality Charter – Statement of Commitment
 CEO Statement
 Evidence Policy
 Fees & Refunds Policy
 Statement of Fees
 Third Party Partnerships Policy
 Apprenticeships & Traineeships Policy
 Marketing Policy
Application for Enrolment Form Template

And for online training providers
 Online Service Standards
 Digital Literacy Self-Assessment
 Online Learning WCAG 2.0 Internal Review Tool


Version 8.3 of the resource has been updated for referencing for Victorian Skills First 2021 Contract amendments.

Version 8.2 of the resource has been updated for JobTrainer Initiative requirements.

Version 8 of the resource has been updated for referencing for VIctorian Skills First 2020 amendments.

Version 7 of the resource has been updated for amendments in Victorian Skills First 2020 VET Funding Contract Extension & Guideline requirements.

Version 6 of the resource has been updated for Victorian Skills First 2019 VET Funding Contract & Guidelines requirements.

Version 5 of the resource has been updated with additional information aligned to the WA TAC Identifying and Meeting Learner Needs Fact Sheet.


Over 70 pages of example documentation and templates assisting RTOs to meet the VIC Skills First requirements.

The resource is provided in MS Word format for ease of customisation and use in your RTO.


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