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Thinking Tools Templates & Cartoon Conversations Bundle Pack



Cartoons & reflective questions to support the art of conversation & deeper thinking!

By purchasing this Bundle Pack, you have lifetime access (no annual fees) to these three Rodin Educational Consultancy digital products as a whole-organisation licence for your team's use.


Cartoon Conversations

Cartoon Conversations will help to invigorate the vibrancy, engagement and higher-order thinking in your entire school community. These cartoons and reflective questions are intended to help children and young people learn the art of conversation.

Teachers, educators, parents and whole organisations will find these cartoons are a simple, fun and challenging way to encourage and enable people to be deeper thinkers, to see the bigger picture and to consider others’ views as well as their own.

As an education consultant, Author Eric Frangenheim has used these cartoons for many years with great success in classrooms as a natural method of teaching and engaging with students, as well as in teacher professional development workshops, staff meetings and corporate workshops with educators and business leaders.

Have a lot of fun with this book and to find a way to make it your own – whether in your classroom, board room, or home.

Remember... “The best learning takes place when the teacher is quiet." 

But this depends on:

  1. A clear question or activity (containing a task verb);
  2. An appropriate thinking tool (e.g. a Double Bubble Map); and
  3. A clear time frame (e.g. you have 20 minutes: go!)


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Purchase the pack now and also receive free access to the Thinking Tools Replay Bundle!

Over 10 hours of video replay activities, cover 12x tools in total across Bloom's taxonomy domains and how to apply these in your training practise. And includes Statements of Participation for all individuals completing the replays for PD records!



View our guide to understand how to use this resource and how it benefits your learners


Thinking Tools Templates e-book & Blackline Masters

For educators at any level, set your students up for life when you teach them how to use thinking tools as a natural way of learning and working. You’ll also have a lot of fun together and inject a vibrant energy into your courses. 

For corporates, grab the tools you need to help your employees think critically about challenges, improvements and any other work tasks!

These 34 templates, taken from Eric Frangenheim’s best-selling book, Reflections on Classroom Thinking Strategies (11th edition), form a core part of what is referred to as the ‘Thinking Classroom’ and are designed to be easy to use and quick to access.

All you need to do is project a template onto your whiteboard and use a whiteboard pen to record the ideas flowing from your students. These templates enable you to delve straight into your lesson. They act as a springboard for individuals and teams to get busy, to ‘own the thinking’ and to become confident in scaffolding their ideas.

You can also print these templates so individuals and groups can capture their ideas on paper. This ebook will change your work energy and participants’ thinking potential for the better. 

The ‘sister’ ebook to this resource is also included - the Thinking Tools Templates: Blackline Masters – 34 templates with instructions to print.


View our guide to understand how to use this resource and how it benefits your learners



This whole-organisation licence entitles every educator / employee in your organisation to use this powerful resource. Please honour the author’s IP by keeping this resource accessible only within your organisation. This is a one-off licence – no need to purchase annually.

Resources are available in electronic format for immediate download after purchase.


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