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Enrolment Application (Pre-Training) Review Record



RTO regulatory and contractual compliance requirements continue to increase focus on the effective assessment and confirmation of individual student support needs prior to enrolment.

The Enrolment Application (Pre-Training) Review Record  has been designed to assist RTOs in identifying all individual student characteristics and support needs prior to enrolment, and guide the selection of the most suitable and appropriate course offering.

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Version 9 of the resource has been updated for minor referencing for Victorian Skills First 2022 amendments.

Version 8 of the resource has been updated for minor referencing.

Version 7 of the resource has been updated for referencing for Victorian Skills First 2020 amendments.

Version 6 of the resource has been updated for general referencing to government website locations.

Version 5 of the resource has been updated with additional information aligned to the WA TAC Identifying and Meeting Learner Needs Fact Sheet.

Version 4 of the resource has been updated for:

SA WorkReady 2017/2018 policy & guideline requirements; and
Skills First 2018 VET Funding Contract & Guidelines.


Aligned to the Standards for RTOs 2015 and various state government subsidy contracts including the Victorian Skills First Pre-Training Review process, the record includes:

 Student Identification
 Language, Literacy and Numeracy Requirements (using RTO’s existing LLN tools)
 Confirmation of Course Information Provision
 Educational & Support Services
 Employer Engagement
 Credit Transfer & RPL Confirmation
 Government Support Eligibility Assessment Confirmation (using RTO’s existing eligibility tools)
 Suitable and Appropriate Course Recommendation

The 8 page example review record is designed to assist RTOs to document student enrolment application & pre-training review requirements.

The resource is provided in MS Word format for ease of customisation and use in your RTO.


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