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Website Internal Review Tool for RTOs



The Website Internal Review Tool for RTOs (Version 11.2) covers the full range of aspects of RTO website compliance requirements, including:

 Standards for RTOs 2015
 Australian Consumer Law principles
 Australian Qualifications Framework Requirements
 ESOS Framework – National Code of Practice for Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students
 Common logo usage, such as NRT and AQF
 Funding contract requirements across all state jurisdictions


Version 11.2 of the resource has been updated for referencing for Victorian Skills First 2020 & WA Business Rules 2020 amendments.

Version 11.1 of the resource has been updated for amendments in the SA Funded Activities Agreement & associated Guidelines requirements.

Version 11 of the resource has been updated for amendments in:

      • Victorian Skills First 2020 VET Funding Contract Extension & Guideline requirements.
      • Northern Territory 2019 Training Contract.
      • Queensland VET Pre-Qualified Supplier – Marketing & Disclosure Directives 2019/20.
      • Tasmanian Department of State Growth (Skills Tasmania) 2019 – 2020 (Skills Tasmania) Agreement for all Programs.

Version 10.3 of the resource has been updated for revised guidance in the following:

      • ASQA General Direction - Third party arrangements for training and/or assessment of VET courses (August 2019).
      • ASQA Fact Sheet - Sample AQF Documentation (August 2019).
      • ASQA Fact Sheet - Third Party Arrangements (August 2019).
      • ASQA Fact Sheet - Marketing & Advertising (August 2019).

Version 10.2 of the resource has been updated for amendments in ACT Training Initiative Funding Agreement, Brand Guidelines & specific initiative Guidelines.

Version 10.1 of the resource has been updated for amendments in NSW Smart & Skilled 2019/20 Contract and Operating Guidelines.

This extensive internal review tool runs for over 25 pages of key compliance information, and is provided in MS Word format. The checklist is easily integrated within an RTOs ongoing internal audit activities as a handy resource to ensure websites meet key stakeholder expectations.


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