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Using Electronic Signatures

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How to go about using electronic signatures effectively

Using electronic signatures has been a 'hot button' topic for a decade now in the VET sector.

Join masters qualified VET expert and auditor Phill Bevan in this event replay exploring some of the good and 'not so good' practices in the use of electronic signatures. Explore the requirements of Electronic Transactions Acts across Australian jurisdictions with key terms and definitions affecting electronic signature use.

Discuss what you can and can't do with electronic signatures, and importantly how to implement processes to meet minimum requirements for use. We'll also look at government subsidy contract guidelines for electronic signature use, some good and poor examples in practice, and discuss tech solutions that you might consider to efficiently implement electronic records.


vetr's policy position on Electronic Signature requirements is also provided to all participants for your use.

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1.5 hours in duration.

    55+ Registrations     



What we cover

  What is an electronic signature

  Electronic transactions - key requirements

  Examples of good and poor practices in an RTO context

  Policy & procedures you should have in place

  All of your questions!

How worried I now am that our RTO is not sufficiently covered by processes & procedures around this topic
The whole presentation was very good
I found it very informative
Great job
I will be organising for our complicance team to attend this one - most important for them
I learnt a lot today
The presenter was engaging & very knowledgeable
I look forward to attending more sessions like this
Very knowledgeable presenter
Concise coverage of such a complex topic
Electronic signatures is a minefield & much more complicated than I thought

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