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Assessment Validator - Professional Practice

Purchase for $299.00 (AUD) incl. GST

Get your professional practice as an Assessment Validator recognised!

Assessment Validators are experienced & capable practitioners providing leadership in the pre-validation of assessment tools, & post-validation of assessment tools, practices & judgements for vocational training products that are nationally recognised.

Achieve a Professional Practice recognition as an Assessment Validator to highlight your current expertise in the application of validation in real world contexts.



Achieve & maintain the Assessment Validator - Professional Practice credential.

Your credential is displayed on your vetr Portal profile & can be shared on social profiles.

Use the post-nominals RAV.

$150 discount! for VET PD Series subscribers - Use your discount code when registering.



How it works


9+ hours video-based Assessment Validator course content + template resources!

vetr's Validation Practices Support Pack resource is also included!



Achieving the Assessment Validator - Professional Practice recognition

Once recognised, practitioners can use the post-nominals RAV & have ongoing access to the 'Professional Practice' digital networking group in the vetr portal, where information, questions & challenges can be discussed with other recognised practitioners.


Maintaining the Assessment Validator - Professional Practice recognition

Recognised Professional Practice credentials are verified & renewed annually.

Please note that each annual renewal is $249 inc GST, or only $99 for VET PD Series subscribers.


Here is the course outline:

Assessment Validator Recognition

1 hr, 34 min

Welcome to the Assessment Validator - Professional Practice recognition.

The Validation Practices Support Pack!

Download Validation Practices Support Pack templates for use in your work!

Validation Planning

1 hr, 33 min

Take a detailed look at Validation Planning over the 5 year planning cycle.

Preparing for Validation

1 hr, 7 min

Using practical examples, we'll look at the purpose, context, scope & documentation needed for various validation activities

Validating Assessment Tools

3 hrs, 19 min

Be confident in your assessment tool validation - explore a real tool being validated.

Validating Assessment Judgements

1 hr, 29 min

Be confident in judgement validation outcomes - explore an example assessment judgement scenario being validated.

Recording Validation Outcomes

15 min

We'll finish our exploration of validation with further information on validation records.

Portfolio Submission

30 min

Submit your professional practice portfolio for recognition.

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