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Line of Sight: Leader Series

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Join the Line of Sight: Leader Series for 
bite-sized content perfect for exploring current and emerging leadership topics


Packed full of amazing content, each topic package has been carefully selected for you to explore how to implement relevant and meaningful strategies to support you as a leader now and in the future.

Consider tips and tricks you can use inside and out of your workplace - get motivated, understand your style and support your team.

Here is the course outline:

Leadership styles

Balancing your leadership style is about adapting to both Transactional and Transformational leadership styles to gain the results you need from your team.

Manager versus leader

Lets discover what the difference is between management and leadership.

Motivating teams

Discover how a balance of transactional and transformational styles of leadership play a part in influencing and motivating your team to achieve the goals of both the business and the team.

What is authentic leadership?

We'll cover some famous leaders and what they have in common. We'll also work through an article explaining an Authentic Leadership checklist.

What makes an Authentic Leader?

Here we will take you through the components that make an authentic leader.

What to avoid as a leader

Lets discuss fatal flaws that derail leaders and how to avoid them.

Creating a culture of well-being

Explore the importance of feeling looked after and part of a supportive environment.

Make them want to be there!

Explore why the team walk in the door everyday.

Defining the generations

We will explore the different generations and what each generation can bring to the table.

Cultural diversity

Lets discuss how generational differences influence the way we work and why we must consider diversity in the workplace.

Accommodating differences

We will define and discuss the ACORN imperatives!

Engagement in the workplace

Find out why leadership and credibility are such important factors when they come together.

Team engagement

Lets explore and understand maximum job satisfaction, to do this we will explore the relationship between team members and employers.

Emotional Intelligence

Learn how to become aware and manage our emotions in the workplace, we will take you through four competencies with examples to develop Emotional Intelligence.

Mission, vision & values

Gain an understanding of what an organisations mission, vision and values mean.

The Triple Bottom Line

Here we will introduce the Triple Bottom Line and the three Ps: People, Planet, Profit.

Setting up success

When setting goals you need to think about the types of goals you're setting, it's important that your goals align with the goals of the organisation as a whole.

Setting goals

We'll cover SMART and HARD goals and what they require.

The change in learning

Let's look at some key points directing us to change the way we learn.

Blended Learning

We have so much choice these days and the way we learn isn’t a one size fits all approach.

Prioritising your learning

As a leader you still need to take time out for your own learning and development, this will help you grow the business and grow as a leader.


Here we'll explore how leadership success is more about skills and knowledge, it's also about your network.

The what and why

What does personal brand create?

Create and build your personal brand

Some tips and hints to help you create your brand.


The following statements are received when the course is completed:

Line of Sight: Leader Series - Statement of Completion
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