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Inclusivity in the Workplace

Purchase for $29.95 (AUD) incl. GST

This digital course bundle will provide workplace leaders with the resources to bring inclusivity awareness into their organisation. The course provides staff and volunteers with the background knowledge and skills to prioritise inclusivity and to develop strategies to provide a more inclusive workplace.

Participants in this course do not require any prior knowledge and may be working at any level of the organisation.

The course as delivered is non-accredited. Course content and assessment are provided in digital interactive format via the vetr portal, and participants can access an additional PDF course handbook for in-house delivery if required.

Delivery of the course may be either online in a self-paced, asynchronous format in its shortened version (approximately 1.5 hours) or alternatively in its full version (including participant handbook activities) by an in-house learning and development professional (via email and live webinars) over the period of approximately eight (8) hours.

Successful completion of IELIWP001 will allow managers, workplace improvement professionals, inclusivity allies and all staff to increase awareness and understanding of the human as well as the performance-related benefits of inclusivity, and so to aid organisations in the application of inclusive strategies at work.

Course Fee: $29.95 inc GST per candidate

Includes access to online digital interactive course and quiz, plus IELIWP001 Course Handbook (PDF) per candidate.
Course Bundle Inclusions:

  • IELIWP001 course overview (PDF).
  • IELIWP001 online interactive course and quiz.
  • IELIWP001 Course manual (PDF - 58 pages) – per participant.
  • IELIWP001 Course completion certificate and digital badge (upon quiz completion).

Successful graduates of the online ‘Inclusivity in the Workplace’ quiz will be issued with a digital badge and certificate of completion, issued through vetr.



The following statements are received when the course is completed:

IELIWP001 Certificate
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