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Managing Course Completion & Certification

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Identify processes to monitor assessment evidence

RTOs must have quality controls in place to ensure only students who have completed all assessment requirements are issued with qualifications and statements of attainment. The integrity of the issued qualifications relies on the effective implementation of these controls.

Inadequate processes to issue certificates expose your RTO to significant risks, including financial penalties and even deregistration as an RTO.

This webinar will provide you with guidance and best practices about providing secure certification, and the skills to effectively manage the risks associated with the completion process of a Nationally Recognised Training course.


Webinar details

Date: Tuesday 30 August 2022

Time: 12.30pm AEST (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane)

Duration: 1.5 hours

Investment: $95.00 inc GST.

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Learning objectives

  • Understand regulatory requirements for course completion and certification
  • Identify processes to monitor assessment evidence
  • Understand AQF requirements
  • Identify control processes required to ensure integrity of certifications


Application objectives

  • Implement effective measures for course completion and certification
  • Monitor issuance timeframes
  • Monitor certification information and nomenclature
  • Use systems to authenticate and verify certification issued by your RTO


Impact objectives

  • Reduce risks associated with non-compliances in Standard 3
  • Improve students’ satisfaction
  • Improve audit performance



Javier Amaro - Director, Insources Group

Javier is the director and founder of Insources, a privately owned Australian training and consulting organisation. He has more than 17 years experience in the vocational and technical education world and has contributed to the Australian VET sector by designing and delivering more than 500 training programs to training managers, supervisors, facilitators, trainers, and assessors.


 A Statement of Attendance is issued on completion of live event activities.

Note the video recording of the live event will be available to all participants within 7 days after the event for a viewing period of 14 calendar days.



  • The Vocational Education & Training Sector
    • Work within the VET policy framework



The following statements are received when the course is completed:

Insources - Statement of Attendance
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