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Transformational Leadership

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Launch your learning journey to deeper insights into how you lead & others like to be led

When we study leadership we often forget it is ultimately about people. Ultimately, any insights into how good a leader is must come from those being lead and those leading the leader. It is from these insights that the qualities they should may be isolated. But can the study of leadership simply reference what certain ‘great’ leaders did or are doing? 

The concept of leadership and what constitutes an effective, successful leader has attracted huge volumes of research, wide discussion and an abundance of educational offerings. This confirms its importance for individuals, organisations and societies. But it also confirms the ‘science’ surrounding leadership and what a leader does remains problematic.

Nor is a great leader akin to a magician with deep secrets and unknowable practices. The scientific study of leadership has produced a theoretical research and insights into the ways a leader thinks and acts in a range of contexts. The cross-disciplinary nature of leadership has meant that psychologists, organisational theorists, knowledge and organisational management theorists, scientists, educators and theorists from many other disciplines have all presented scientific very useful insights and opinions on the topic.

So leadership may well be an art, but it does have a scientific basis that can be learnt. It involves humans who through self-expression and their personal qualities, personality characteristics and preferences interact with other humans in highly person ways to overcome problems and seize opportunities. 


Five key leadership topics 

In partnership with The Institute for Working Futures, join this post-graduate level leadership course subject covering the latest in leadership theory and practice.

  1. Leadership 4.0
  2. Being an effective leader
  3. Future skills for transformational leaders
  4. Leading hearts & minds
  5. Mindsets & emotions


Each topic has approximately 8 to 12 sessions. Study for each topic is suggested to be completed over a 2 week period. Up to 10 hours of activities, readings and further, deeper research is allocated each week during these 10 weeks of study with an additional 2 weeks provided for assessment. However, this can vary according to when, where and how intensively you wish to study.



Resources Included: Working Futures Leadership Self-Mastery Toolbox - 100+ pages of leadership inventory & self-assessment tools



Course details

Duration: 13 - 26 weeks

Study Load: 120 - 150 hours

Learning outcomes:

  • How do we define and measure an effective leader?
  • Do I have the personality, qualities and attributes required to become a successful leader?
  • What are my strengths & weaknesses?


  • $199.00 inc GST (Statement of Completion issued)

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Here is the course outline:

Course Overview

Explore what it is to be a Transformational Leader. What leadership is, effective leadership, future skills for transformational leaders, leading hearts & minds & mindsets & emotions.

Leadership 4.0

An overview of leadership.

Being an Effective Leader

Understand leadership strengths and weaknesses, traits, behaviours, competencies, preferences and styles. Delve into leadership from a number of perspectives and apply a series of self-assessment tools.

Future Skills for Transformational Leadership

This topic explores multiple leadership styles and models and considering what constitutes an effective transformational leader.

Leading Hearts & Minds

In this topic we continue our study of the personal leadership domain of an effective leader. The aim of this topic is to assist you understand the neuroscience of leadership and how you can utilise the latest research on the brain to support your own leadership journey and the way in which you lead others.

Mindsets & Emotions

In this topic we introduce the concept of mindsets and emotions. We will explore how they can directly influence your leadership approach, preferences and desire to engage with and develop others. It also directly impacts how other respond to you and engage with you as a credible leader.

Formal Assessment

Are you planning to undertake formal assessment?


The following statements are received when the course is completed:

Statement of Completion
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