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Implementing Task-based RPL

Purchase for $149.00 (AUD) incl. GST

RPL doesn't have to be difficult to design or implement! 

Ensure your organisation has a robust & scalable recognition approach!

Examine ensuring clear instructions & tasks from an RPL perspective, documenting the assessment context, applying the Principles of Assessment & Rules of Evidence & reasonable adjustment considerations.

In this Live! session recorded in June 2024, vetr Community Advisor Phill Bevan explores the streamlined, task based Recognition of Prior Learning approach using the vetr Recognition Tool.

We dig into the RPL challenge and provide some key tips to ensure your organisation has a robust and scalable RPL approach!

Using real unit of competency examples and assessment contexts, we demonstrate the development of assessment tools, delving into what makes assessment tools fit-for-purpose, usable & efficient!

+ Takeaways

vetr's RPL Tool Template &
example Assessment Policy position


3 hours in duration

Investment: $149.00 inc GST. 

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What participants' say about this session...

Completely revised my understanding of RPL
The presenter was fun, energetic & kept me engaged throughout the webinar
Good overview of the RPL process - including the do's & don'ts

The presentation was very detailed & easy to understand
Many thanks for the wonderful webinar & very important topic
Great explanation of the assessment rules & principles & difference between formative & summative assessment.
Very clear & practical explanation using an example unit.
Ideas about RPL workflow/business processes + support & guidance recommendations for learners 
The information was clear and concise. Rare in VET
Clear & articulate presenter. Easy to follow along
Fabulous. Great to get clear, concise information about VET issues.
Great examples, flowed well, interactive by asnwering questions on the fly
Cleared up the definition of what RPL. The best explanation I have heard & will be very useful to repeat
Expertise of the instructor, knew the topic & clearly explained
Thanks Phill, you cleared up some tricky areas. VET is constantly changing so this was an excellent refresher


What we cover

  RPL definitions & requirements

  Task based approach to RPL

  Unpacking and outlining an example RPL assessment approach for a real Unit of Competency

  Keys to avoiding common RPL pitfalls causing operational & audit angst

  3 main audit non-compliances & how to address fast!

  How to design RPL tools for success using the vetr Recognition Tool. 

  Developing recognition instruments in a task based RPL approach

  Ensuring clear instructions

  Documenting context!

  Applying the Principles of Assessment & Rules of Evidence

  Reasonable adjustment considerations


Our Community Advisor - Phill Bevan

As a master assessor, Phill has undertaken tens of thousands of assessments with thousands of students in public, not-for-profit, private and enterprise provider contexts. As a qualified auditor, he has leveraged these skills in hundreds of internal reviews & regulator audits to support issue identification and robust assessment improvement projects. Phill has two decades of Assessment Tool development experience including writing assessment tools for major enterprises - ASX listed companies, TAFE Institutes, Enterprise RTOs, University dual sector providers & major private colleges - as well as working with national VET publisher teams on assessment design, and technology providers on effective digital assessment practices. His work has been deployed with student cohorts in excess of 5,000 candidates using a single designed unit of competency tool.

Holding BSZ, TAA & TAE training package qualifications at Certificate IV and Diploma level, in addition to his Masters of Education with specialisation in competency based training, Phill is the author of vetr's Assessment Tools Templates Pack now in use with hundreds of VET providers nationally.


 A Statement of Participation is available for issue on completion of replay activities. 



  • Plan and Design Assessment
    • Plan and prepare to conduct assessment
    • Customise assessment process
    • Determine the focus of the assessment tool
    • Clarify role and responsibilities in the assessment process
    • Design the assessment tool
    • Develop the assessment instruments
  • Conduct Assessment
    • Support the candidate



The following statements are received when the course is completed:

Statement of Participation
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