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RTO Compliance Manager Certification - Self paced

Purchase for $990.00 (AUD) incl. GST

Navigating the complexities of compliance in the Vocational Education & Training sector is more crucial than ever

Navigating the complexities of compliance in the Vocational Education and Training sector is more crucial than ever. With the RTO sector facing ongoing regulatory reforms, understanding and managing compliance risks is a top priority for every RTO manager.

This RTO Compliance Manager Certification Program is specifically designed for current and aspiring RTO managers. It equips you with essential skills and knowledge to effectively interpret, manage, and evaluate compliance practices within the RTO environment.

With over 24 years of experience in the VET sector, managing both an RTO and a consulting business, we’ve designed the RTO Compliance Manager Certification to be comprehensive and centred around your needs.

Upon registration, you gain instant access to our first-class online training resources. These include written materials, graphic elements, and video content, all organised into chapters that mirror the typical operational environment of an RTO. You control your pace, with most learners completing the course within six weeks.

In this certification program, you will dig deep into the core aspects of RTO governance, self-assurance, and risk management under the expert guidance of Javier Amaro, an experienced RTO manager and auditor. Javier will provide you with practical tools, including policy samples, templates, and best practice examples, ensuring a rich, interactive learning experience.

Online Learning Content: Gain unlimited access to a rich library of graphics, templates, and instructional videos designed to facilitate self-directed learning.

Online Assessments: Test your understanding and track your progress with interactive online assessments.


Course details

Duration: 10+ hours

Investment: $990.00 inc GST.

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   NOTE: This online course is undertaken via the Insources elearning Portal - Not via the vetr Portal.   
   Access to the course is not instant. Access will be granted within 7 days of purchase.   


Learning objectives

  • Identify and interpret the latest VET regulations and reforms.
  • Understand ASQA’s evolving approach to regulatory compliance.
  • Develop strategies to monitor and evaluate your RTO’s compliance performance.
  • Learn how to address and rectify non-compliances effectively.


Application objectives

  • Complete a compliance policy mapping within 30 days.
  • Develop an internal compliance communication plan within a week.
  • Establish an RTO internal audit program within 30 days.
  • Implement a Compliance dashboard within two months.


Impact objectives

  • Enhance staff understanding and engagement in compliance practices by 30%.
  • Reduce the cost of compliance management by 30%.
  • Boost your RTO's performance in ASQA audits by 40%.
  • Decrease duplication of compliance tasks by 25%.


Who should attend

  • Current RTO compliance managers, RTO CEOs, RTO Board Members, and individuals with management responsibilities in RTOs
  • Trainers and assessors and administrative staff members seeking opportunities as RTO managers or team leaders
  • Individuals seeking work opportunities as compliance managers, RTO CEOs and RTO Board Members.



Javier Amaro - Director, Insources Group

Javier is the director & founder of Insources, a privately owned Australian training & consulting organisation. He has more than 17 years experience in the vocational & technical education world & has contributed to the Australian VET sector by designing & delivering more than 500 training programs to training managers, supervisors, facilitators, trainers, & assessors.


A Statement of Participation is issued on completion of course activities.


Vocational Training including Competency-Based Training

  • The Vocational Education & Training Sector
    • Work within the VET policy framework



The following statements are received when the course is completed:

Insources - Statement of Participation
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