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VET Chat: Sustainability Strategies - Beginning in the Classroom!

Purchase for $25.00 (AUD) incl. GST

VET Chats create a space to stimulate conversation, explore new trends & spark & inspire thinking

VDC engages experts to facilitate a 30-minute VET Chat, to share bite-sized pieces of information from their expertise and allow for an opportunity for you to ask questions and provide input.

VET Chats create a space to stimulate conversation, explore new trends and spark and inspire thinking. Bring your tea/coffee/beverage to the chat to participate in an engaging, thought provoking and interactive session!

How sustainable are your VET classrooms?  

In this engaging and enlightening VET Chat, we’re joined by Jason Sheehan from CERES to examine how changes and sustainable choices we make can have a huge impact on the planet. 

You’ll learn practical insights into overcoming barriers to sustainability in VET, offering actionable strategies for educators to foster a culture of sustainability within their institutions. 

At the end of this session, you’ll be equipped with a comprehensive understanding of key sustainability concepts, ready to implement changes that not only enhance educational outcomes but also contribute to a healthier planet.  

Join us in shaping a sustainable future for education. Secure your spot and empower your teaching with sustainability at its core. 


Webinar details

Date: Wednesday 1 May 2024

Time: 3.00pm AEST (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane)

Duration: 30 minutes

Investment: $25.00 inc GST.


Topics covered

  • What are the main resource areas related to sustainability? 
  • The practicalities of addressing sustainability in VET 
  • An integrated approach to sustainability in the classroom 
  • What are the impacts, and how do we communicate these? 

Learning outcomes

  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Webinar recording



These sessions are for VET teachers, trainers, assessors and managers / Supervisors, managers and team leaders 



Presenter ImageJason Sheehan

Jason Sheehan is an adventurer and storyteller. He has worked internationally to help coastal communities and island nations ensure sustainability of their marine resources. As a conservation biologist, Jason loves the narrative of conservation, following the connections between everything we as humans do and how it impacts our planet. He has taught students and educators at primary, secondary and tertiary levels about climate change, sustainability, ecology and more, always finding new and interesting ways to invoke passion. 

Jason strives to make everyone he meets excited about the environment by inspiring creative action. Working with CERES as an educator has allowed him to develop diverse ideas with schools and communities across Melbourne. With so many people working for sustainability, he thrives in seeing this network grow. 



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