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Making Good Decisions: How the Science of Decision-making can help you get Better Results in Work, Business & Life



Find about more about NCS strategic decision-making PD options!

At this free webinar recorded in December 2022, Dr. Seth Nicholls discussed how you can use evidence-based insights from leading international research to:

  • Achieve superior results at work, in business and in life.
  • Solve complex problems.
  • Move forward with confidence.
  • Foster creativity and innovation, both professionally and personally.

Dr. Nicholls also covered the difference between a good decision, a bad decision, and how you can tell the difference. And the answer may surprise you...

And the new NCS Strategic Decision Making on-demand PD courses were launched!


What participants' said...

Explanations were easy to understand
The Speaker was very interesting
Unpacking a good decision
Clear communication - took alot of helpful information thank you
It had great up to date information that i felt was very valuable to me and my learnings
Great session Seth. This has triggered my interest in decision making approaches. Thank you
I find these webinars insightful and constructive. Particularly since working in relative isolation
Very informative and thought provoking
Always informative, reassuring and enjoyable
I love your workshops


Dr Seth Nicholls

Dr. Seth Nicholls is a policy and decision strategist and the Director of Nicholls Consulting Services. Over the past 16 years, Dr. Nicholls has worked extensively in academia (as a lecturer in international relations, political science and public policy); as well as in state and federal government (as a principal policy and project officer) and as a consultant to the South Australian, Victorian, New South Wales, Tasmanian and Northern Territory public sectors. During this time, Seth has also assisted a number of companies with important, high stakes decisions.

Dr. Nicholls’ work has been published in high quality, peer reviewed journals and he holds a PhD in political economy and public policy (with a research focus on high impact policy decisions) from the University of Adelaide. He is also a graduate of Stanford University’s world-renowned Strategic Decision and Risk Management program.

Seth is passionate about helping individuals achieve superior results through a better understanding of decision-making processes and has a strong desire to help organisations in the public, private and non-government sectors effectively respond to a wide variety of complex problems.


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