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RIGOR™ Webinar Series


Ready to shift away from constraints and toward solutions? This two-webinar bundle is for you!

My research has shown that one reason many educators become frustrated with their role is because their enacted practice doesn’t fit their ideal. The reason for that misalignment is often a gap in knowledge, resources, or expectations. The RIGORTM problem-processing tool is especially useful for educators to better understand and take control of situations and improve their role satisfaction.

RIGORTM is efficient, effective, easy to master, and makes an exceptional self-reflection tool, a conversation-starter among colleagues, or a performance-discussion tool with team members.

This first workshop will introduce you to typical gaps between ideal and enacted practice experienced by educators. Here, the foundation RIGORTM problem-processing tool and accompanying worksheet is introduced. Taking things to the next level, you’ll then experience how to use variations of this tool to process choosing between two options, managing misaligned expectations at work, and reflecting on implemented teaching strategies.

In the second session, being held a week later, you will learn the typical 4-stage processing path we all move through many times a day. Then, you’ll come to understand the 3 F’s of emotion-driven reactions, and learn strategies to take control of how you respond. You will be guided in how to use the provided RIGORTM worksheets to process motivational blocks and set lifestyle goals. To demonstrate how these work, I’ll share my own personal story of developing and using these advanced RIGORTM techniques to transition from being in a wheelchair to not only now be up walking, but now living an active life with few restrictions.

After these workshops, you’ll find yourself using the provided worksheets again and again, and will soon embrace this user-friendly approach to processing problems and challenges rather than bogging down in perceived constraints.

While written for educators, the RIGORTM framework is suitable for team members from all departments – why don’t you bring a group along!

Take-home worksheets included!

#1 - Take Control with RIGOR

#2 - Advanced Problem-Processing with RIGOR

Investment: $95.00 inc GST.  



Prior participants say:

  • You won’t regret spending an afternoon with Deniese and these tools, this RIGOR technique really does work
  • I went from reluctant sceptic to not being able to stop talking about these ideas
  • So much more than I expected, absolutely brilliant
  • Simply inspirational
  • Life changing – two words I never thought I’d say after a PD event :)
  • After the first session I saw a marked improvement in my job satisfaction, and basically how I approached things day to day. Now, after this second session, my family can’t stop commenting about how much happier I am, and how much more relaxed I am despite still keeping a hectic schedule.
  • Our team now focuses on what goes RIGHT and then addresses what went wrong – an extraordinary attitude shift.



Deniese Cox

With a strong background in VET and corporate training, Deniese has been teaching online since 2013 for a variety of organisations in Australia and internationally. Today, through her consulting work at, Deniese helps teams and individuals navigate the shift to online and technology-enhanced education.

Importantly, the strategies that Deniese shares are practical, proven, and driven by what’s good for online teachers and students rather than technology-driven gimmicks or fads. That’s only possible because Deniese is more than an experienced educator, she is also an active online VET researcher. This means that you get access to current relevant research that Deniese then presents in practical terms. Best of all, Deniese never asserts a one-size-fits-all approach – you’ll walk always from her webinars knowing how to readily apply new ideas to your context and teaching style.

Feel free to see Deniese’s full bio at, or visit her testimonials page to see what other participants have said about her engaging workshops. 


  A Statement of Attendance is issued on completion of each live event activity.

Note the recording of the live event will be available to all participants for 30 days only after the event.


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