How does vetr assist in recognising the Professional Development I've undertaken?

Well, we're glad you asked!

Depending on the type of activity you're involved with, there may be a range of ways that this occurs. We've put together a quick outline.



Live Webinars & Events 

All participants attending a live webinar (live or via the replay within 7 days of the event) receive a Statement of Attendance

This Statement of Attendance is triggered via the (anonymous) submission of the event survey form by the participant, thereby confirming attendance.


Digital Short Courses

All participants completing digital short courses receive a Statement of Completion

This Statement of Completion is generally triggered by successful completion of the course, which generally requires the achievement of a satisfactory result on the course quizzes.


'Overview' Courses

All participants completing vetr Product Overview video short courses receive a Statement of Participation

This Statement of Participation is generally triggered by the participant viewing every topic and every section of the course.


Subscription Series

All participants in the VET Professional Development Series subscription receive a Subscription Confirmation.

This Subscription Confirmation is provided at the time of first subscribing, and is issued again to all current subscribers each January for the start of the new calendar year. VET PD Series participants also receive relevant Statements of Attendance, Participation or Completion during the year for activities they undertake.

Some of our subscription series also include the achievement of digital credentials - these are all displayed within the vetr portal, and in some cases are issued via the blockchain via Accredible, so that the credential can be instantly verified online and also used by the participant in social profiles, such as their Linkedin account.

Please refer to each subscription series offer for the exact credential arrangements that might apply.


And remember - all statements and other documentation is stored, viewable and printable from your vetr portal profile on an ongoing basis! 

Please contact us at any stage for further information or any queries!