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Short Courses

VET Professional Development Series - Annual Subscription


Maintaining current knowledge and skills in vocational training and learning has never been this easy!

Three fantastic professional development activities in a single subscription!

Perfect for all VET practitioners to maintain their ongoing VET skills currency.


With your VET PD Series Subscription, you have access to:


Your subscription includes...

  10+ live Compliance over Coffee  VET compliance live shows per year

  10+ "VET Essentials" digital video micro-learning courses on key VET topics

  Daily VET updates with live feeds, reports & the latest industry commentary

  Compliance over Coffee back catalogue - Replays of all prior episodes - View what's covered in prior episode replays

    And an annual Subscription Confirmation Certificate 


Cover all updates anytime, anywhere, on any device!


Now also including an Annual PD Plan format for your use!


The activities in detail...

VET Essentials Series

Short digital video micro-learning updates on Australian vocational education & training sector concepts & practices.

With your VET PD Series subscription, you have access included to all of vetr's 'VET Essentials Series' range of micro-learning courses! 

Topics are being progressively released!

  Trainer & Assessor Competency Essentials - Available Now!

  Assessment Essentials - Available Now!

  Evidence Essentials - Available Now!

  Validation Essentials - Available Now!

  Industry Engagement Essentials - Available Now!

  RPL Essentials - Available Now!

  Training & Assessment Strategy Essentials - Available Now!

  Privacy Essentials - Available Now!

  Systematic Monitoring Essentials - release August 2019

  Marketing Essentials - release October 2019


Compliance over Coffee - Live Shows

Grab a coffee & settle in!

Exclusive to VET PD Subscribers & special guests, join us for a regular live webinars informally exploring rolling compliance topics, discussion & questions!

We'll discuss, console & generally explore emerging & latest compliance areas live as raised by you, the vetr community, lead by one of our resident compliance aficionado community advisors.

Propose a topic upfront, Ask a Question live, or just generally view the event as it meanders through a casual conversation on the compliance areas of most burning challenge to the group.

Live show events are scheduled on an ongoing basis & announced via the vetr portal - replays of each episode are also made available to all subscribers!

View what's covered in prior Compliance over Coffee episode replays


VET Daily Updates!

Let us keep you up to date

Maintaining current knowledge and skills in vocational training and learning has never been this easy!

Our VET Updates daily offering brings you the latest in vocational training and learning news, articles and research from across Australia & Internationally.

Daily Live Feeds

Maintain current knowledge and skills in vocational training and learning by exploring our daily live feeds on four key topics:

  Vocational education
  Digital learning
  Continuous learning 

Our daily live feed of articles from across the web will quickly become part of your professional reading!

Latest Policy, Research & News

Access, discuss & share the latest VET reports, industry publications & news in one place.

This ongoing feed captures the posts and commentary of vetr Community Advisors as a wide range of industry publications, news & events occur and also supports all participants to add to the commentary.

You'll only need to visit one place to access a treasure trove of research, reports & other publications and what these mean for Vocational Practitioners!


As always, the presenter was on point
5 Stars - Great, loved it, thanks!
A very knowledgeable presenter
Great to be part of this process
I will be regularly attending these sessions now
Really enjoyed it
Great to discuss current compliance issues
I love being able to do these without leaving the office
It was so useful to me as I navigate this new space!! Thank you
Spot on with today's topic.. so much BS elsewhere on this

Subscriber feedback


Solve your ongoing VET PD needs - Subscribe now!

The annual subscription provides a single payment option for a full 12 months subscription for $118.80 including GST, renewing automatically on an annual basis.

You can cancel your subscription at any time with no further payment.


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