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Introduction to Creative Training Techniques

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Key building blocks needed to develop your own creative training 

Would you like to free the prisoners of boring training and learn how to teach twice as much in half the time?

This webinar explores the origins of Creative Training Techniques© using the instructor-led, participant-centred approach pioneered by the Bob Pike Group, for which MRWED is the exclusive Australian Licensee. It will explain how to set your training up for success using three critical learning models and will highlight the key building blocks needed to develop your own creative training.


Webinar details

Date: Wednesday 7 December 2022

Time: 12pm AEDT (Sydney, Melbourne)

Duration: 1 hour

Investment: $55.00 inc GST.

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What participants' said the last time this topic ran

Very clear & some very handy tips throughout

It got us excited about the training used to be and no longer is

New learning, reinforcing current training techniques

A very well presented webinar which is very topical in the current circumstances

I love the way that everything is explained, we are not just talked at or told you 'must' but provided useful & relevant tools

I appreciate that these events are available


Key outcomes

  • Identify the benefits of using Creative Training Techniques
  • Explain how the instructor-led, participant centred approach differs from other training approaches
  • Describe how to use the learning models of CIO, CPR and EAT to underpin training
  • Discuss the key building blocks for developing creative training


Marc Ratcliffe - CEO, MRWED Training and Assessment

Marc is a multi-award-winning trainer, author and education entrepreneur. He is the CEO and founder of MRWED Training and Assessment, a private RTO that specialises in Trainer Training. He is a strong advocate for "edu-tainment" and believes that learner involvement and fun are integral to student success. He continues to be an in-demand conference speaker and workshop facilitator, having presented at more than 50 conferences in a dozen countries in the past decade and was recently named as the winner of the “Best Training and Development Leadership” Award at the World Training and Development Congress.


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Vocational Training including Competency-Based Training

  • Facilitating Training
    • Deliver and facilitate training sessions
    • Support and monitor learning

Vocational Learning

  • Supporting Learning
    • Establish the learning-facilitation relationship
    • Support and monitor learning



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