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Email Automation


Get your email marketing in hand

You are probably familiar with the statement that people need to see your product seven times before they buy. This is probably an understatement for something like education where it is not an impulse purchase and often there is no urgency attached.

We all have so many prospective students who are `this close’ to enrolling and then disappear never to be heard from again.
Our research has shown that the number of enrolments within the first 6 weeks after a prospective student enquires is about equal to the number of enrolments which come in over 6 months after enquiry. In other words, half of your prospective students take six months or more to make a decision!

The risk here of course is that you spent money to get them to enquire and got them all motivated to do the course but by the time they are ready to enrol they have forgotten who you are and they hop on google and end up enrolling with your competitor.

In this session we will cover

  • how to use email, Facebook messenger and SMS to stay in contact with your prospective students until they enrol in a completely automated (and not annoying) way
  • options for tools to use depending on your RTO size and needs
  • how to integrate your email marketing with other social platforms such as Facebook so the potential student sees your content on email and in their newsfeed simultaneously
  • what you should and shouldn’t send by email


Webinar details

Date: Tuesday 9 June 2020

Time: 10.30am AEST 

Duration: 1 hour

Investment: $55.00 inc GST.

 Book at least 7 days prior using the discount code  AUTOMATE  to receive a 10% discount.

         Discount! for VET PD Series subscribers - Use your Voucher Code when registering.


Melanie MacDonald - Growth Strategist, Mana Social

After 17 years of running her own RTOs, Melanie MacDonald has a lot of experience to share with other education providers – the good, the bad, and the unexpected!

Melanie and her team have thrived with annual intakes of 2,000 completely fee for service students, making it to the BRW Fast 100 fastest growing companies in Australia. Even during the VET fee help era, they still maintained 900 students/year – all without government funding and without competing on price.
Along the way while running her business and compliance focused RTO (scope included QA, WHS, HR and similar qualifications) Melanie also bought a beauty therapy college, rebranded it, and grew it by 800% to be the biggest beauty college in Queensland (again fully fee for service) before selling it to a publicly listed company.

It hasn’t all been plain sailing though and there have been some tough times but Melanie and her team met the challenges head on and learnt from them all.
In 2018 after exiting the RTO business she realised that what she had been doing to grow her own RTO quickly, could be replicated to help other RTOs.

That’s when Mana Social was born – a business that focuses on growth strategies specifically helping RTOs.


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