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Facebook Marketing


Reduce your Facebook costs & boost enrolments

Facebook marketing can be a complete waste of money if you do it wrong.

Three common mistakes if you are looking for rapid growth are:

  1. Boosting posts. Usually the only people who make money from that are Facebook! Boosting a post is like walking up to random strangers in the street and asking them if they want to enrol. Occasionally you might get lucky but it’s a lot of work for little return.
  2. Putting a whole lot of time and effort into adding content to your Facebook page - this will make your current students happy but does not create a scalable process to attract new students. And Facebook is set up so that hardly anyone will see your post. If you have 10,000 followers on your page you will be lucky if 2,000 see the post.
  3. Running the same ads on Facebook that you run elsewhere. This never works and we will explain why.

In this webinar we will cover these and other common Facebook advertising mistakes and what to do instead to significantly reduce your Facebook costs and increase your enrolments.


Webinar details

Date: Tuesday 2 June 2020

Time: 10.30am AEST 

Duration: 1 hour

Investment: $55.00 inc GST.

 Book at least 7 days prior using the discount code  FACEBOOK  to receive a 10% discount.

         Discount! for VET PD Series subscribers - Use your Voucher Code when registering.


Melanie MacDonald - Growth Strategist, Mana Social

After 17 years of running her own RTOs, Melanie MacDonald has a lot of experience to share with other education providers – the good, the bad, and the unexpected!

Melanie and her team have thrived with annual intakes of 2,000 completely fee for service students, making it to the BRW Fast 100 fastest growing companies in Australia. Even during the VET fee help era, they still maintained 900 students/year – all without government funding and without competing on price.
Along the way while running her business and compliance focused RTO (scope included QA, WHS, HR and similar qualifications) Melanie also bought a beauty therapy college, rebranded it, and grew it by 800% to be the biggest beauty college in Queensland (again fully fee for service) before selling it to a publicly listed company.

It hasn’t all been plain sailing though and there have been some tough times but Melanie and her team met the challenges head on and learnt from them all.
In 2018 after exiting the RTO business she realised that what she had been doing to grow her own RTO quickly, could be replicated to help other RTOs.

That’s when Mana Social was born – a business that focuses on growth strategies specifically helping RTOs.


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