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Validation Planning

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For someone else


Your RTO's next 5 year planning cycle sorted with this live session + resource combo!

With 1 April just around the corner, get your next 5 year validation planning cycle & scheduling underway with this unique professional development opportunity.

vetr has teamed up with the Validations team to provide joint presenters for this new live webinar. Using a VET provider example, we'll document a new 5-year validation plan live! And along the way address the various flaws, pitfalls, tips & tricks to ensure that you have strategies to address the planning needs of your organisation.


We're providing a Validation Plan template for you to use - follow along & document your own plan during the live session!


And all participants will also receive their own print version of Validations' new Big Book of kNOw.

The Big Book of kNOw is a valuable resource to support effective validation practices. It covers aspects of 'NO' when it comes to mapping and validation of mapping practices, and includes points to 'KNOW' for best-practice results. It also touches on essential components for creating assessments that work.

The Big Book of kNOw contains over 45 pages of practical checklists, guides and definitions, and as a mini-learning text, is also a handy refresher on parts of the TAE. If you're serious about quality VET outcomes for your RTO, the Big Book of kNOw is the way to go!


And if that's not enough, we're also providing the opportunity for your organisation to get an initial review & feedback on your drafted plan. If you submit your draft plan within 30 calendar days after the live session runs*, the Validations team will do a fast desktop review of your plan & provide any key tips noticed. There will also be the option to engage Validations in a further complete compliance check of your plan if desirable.


Course package details

This unique package comprises:

  Live 2 hour webinar - Covering key validation planning requirements while undertaking a new 5 year Validation Plan for a real VET Provider live! (2 hours)

  Validation's Big Book of kNOw print edition posted out to you

  Validation Plan Template (MS Word format) for your organisation's use

  Initial draft plan review of your organisation's new 5 year plan* 


Live Webinar details

Date: Friday 27 March 2020

Time: 1.00pm AEDT (Victoria)

Duration: 2 hours

Investment: $249.00 inc GST.

 Book at least 7 days prior using the discount code  VP10  to receive a 10% discount.

25% discount! for VET PD Series subscribers - Use your Discount Code to register!


What we'll cover

  Validation Planning minimum requirements

  'Flaws' in the Standards for RTOs 2015 validation planning approach & how to address these

  Key considerations in your new 5 year planning schedule

  How to approach systematic scheduling from a quality assurance perspective

  Documenting your new 5 year Validation Plan (with focus on VET providers requiring a 2020-2025 five year plan) with a real RTO example

As this webinar includes a live web solution demonstration, it is recommended that participants join the event on a large screen (computer / TV / projector) rather than handheld device.


Very useful information provided
Presenter was great! Easy to understand & follow
 Really informative, enjoyed the presenter & great to be able to ask questions throughout the session
Despite it being a 2 hour session, it went quickly which is a testament to the quality of the content & the presenter
Presenter was clear, the technology was successful in enhancing the delivery - easy to navigate
One of the best webinars/RTO compliance sessions I have attended
Brilliant! Many thanks!
Participant feedback from prior session

Our Presenters

Michelle Charlton - Validations

One of Michelle’s greatest interests is ‘why’ and she looks to ignite and share this curiosity for learning at every opportunity.

Through VET PD Group, Michelle shares regular updates about the Australian VET sector and encourages practitioners to connect, grow and strengthen:

  • Connect with others; with new and existing ideas
  • Grow perspective and professional performance
  • Strengthen practice, student and sector outcomes

Michelle is an experienced presenter and facilitator, a qualified trainer and assessor, and has industry qualifications and experience in project management, leadership and management, training and education, and business operations. Michelle holds tertiary qualifications in Psychology, Adult and Vocational Education, and Training and Development.

Michelle currently works with her team to offer specialised VET and RTO services, through resource development, validation services, and VET professional development opportunities.


vetr Community Advisor - Phill Bevan

A veteran education advisor, Phill offers a wealth of practical understanding, knowledge and expertise across key education provider operating requirements. As a qualified auditor, he has leveraged these skills in hundreds of internal reviews & regulator audits to support issue identification and robust business improvement projects.

Holding BSZ, TAA & TAE training package qualifications in addition to his Masters of Education with specialisation in competency based training, Phill has two decades of RTO operational experience with scores of providers including extensive national projects. A veteran assessment specialist, he is the author of vetr's Validation Practices Support Pack now in use with 300+ VET providers nationally & has personally undertaken Lead Validator roles for validation activities in all Australian States & Territories.


A Statement of Attendance is issued on completion of live event activities.


Note the video recording of the live event will be available to all participants for 30 days after the event.


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