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Fairness - Principles of Assessment: How-To!

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Take a detailed look at the Principle of Fairness!

Explore practical examples of how to ensure your operations are considering individual learner’s needs in the assessment process.

We'll discuss how to ensure your learners are fully informed, unpack Reasonable Adjustment requirements and look at how learners might challenge the result of an assessment.

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45 minutes in duration.


What we'll cover

  Considering learner's needs in assessment

  Ensuring appropriate information provision

  Reasonable adjustment requirements

  Challenging assessments & assessment appeals

  Tips & tricks for your assessments, with practical examples 

    Detailed explanation of how to achieve Fairness - step by step
    Being able to do quality PD at your own office is really awesome
    Very practical & useful information
    Detailed clear presentation
    Practical examples reflecting actual courses
    Very engaging & informative

    Participant feedback


    Confirm your understanding of current terms, definitions & requirements, & implement robust approaches!


     A Statement of Completion is available on completion of course activities.


    Here is the course outline:

    Fairness & learners' needs

    Assessment methods & reasonable adjustments

    Further vocational education resources


    The following statements are received when the course is completed:

    Statement of Completion
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