We all love a good story!

Stories are as old as humanity and were first expressed orally and in bursts of colour on rocks and cave walls. Stories thread their way through our lives and provide entertainment, inspiration, warnings and advice. Stories connect us to our cultural heritage and teach us what it is to be human.

These days we have more ways than ever to create and circulate stories, including movies, songs, books, podcasts, YouTube/Vimeo videos, Gifs, memes, cartoons, and online news and magazines!

vetr is very pleased to welcome Special Guest Sue Bell, Director of Cybermedia, in this Interactive Storytelling - Beginners course to explore the basics of storytelling, narrative techniques and an introduction to digital stories with Adobe Spark!

Interactive Storytelling is offered in association with Cybermedia


Course details

This course comprises:

  Digital short course in Linear & Non-Linear storytelling (30 mins)

  Introduction to Adobe Spark (30 mins)

  Live webinar - Interactive Storytelling for Beginners using Adobe Spark (60 mins)

    Note approximately one hour of digital activities are provided to be covered prior to the live webinar.


Adobe Spark is an integrated suite of storytelling applications for the mobile and web with free features.

During this course we'll show you how to easily create beautiful images, videos, and web pages that make your content stand out!


Webinar details

Date: Thursday 16th May 2019

Time: 6.00pm AEST

Duration: 1 hour

Investment: $39.60 inc GST. 

 Discount! for VET PD Series subscribers - Use your Voucher Code when registering!


What we'll cover

  Linear and non-linear storytelling techniques

  Understanding key features of compelling narratives

  Creating compelling digital stories with Adobe Spark:

  1. Create a graphic
  2. Create a video with text and music
  3. Web pages
  4. Interactive buttons and links
  5. Change themes
  6. Use headers and quotes
  7. How to share pages to social media accounts and embed in blogs
  8. How to print and publish
  9. How to update instantly
  10. How to share across multiple platforms
  11. Reach a whole new audience (online)


Our Special Guest - Sue Bell

Susan Bell is a passionate writer and teacher in the digital media space. In 2008, she created midlifexpress.com, one of the first blogs to feature information, resources and publishing opportunities for women of a certain age. She has also authored several Amazon Kindle books, is an Adobe Education Leader and produced pioneering content for universities and further-education providers

Susan is the Director of the Launceston Freelance Festival, bringing together world-class presenters and a vibrant community of freelance artists, writers, journalists, designers and tech-based freelancers. Most recently Sue has been producing inventive online content as the founder of Pink Parrot Publishing. Somewhere along the way she also learned how to grow organic vegetables and manage a mob of unruly sheep.


 A Statement of Attendance is available for issue on completion of the event's activities. 

The recording of the live webinar will be available to participants for 7 days after the event.