Not all strategies are created equal! 

Before charging into your 2018 sales process, take a more strategic look at the direction of your organisation and course offering.


Consider the strategic environment in which you operate from a sales perspective. 

Document your strategy for 2018 operations and implement new tactics & approaches!

But don't just think about strategy - Get the tools and advice you need to implement!

Resource tools included:

 Strategic Planning Tool
Porter's Five Forces Analysis




Here is the course outline:


In this update we consider the organisation's strategic directions, cover goals, objectives, strategies and tactics for effective sales planning. Investigate market needs, client profiles & new opportunities - identify factors that may affect and improve sales performance of your organisation.

Strategy & sales

Not all strategies are created equal! Before getting out there to sell, sell, sell, let's take a more strategic look at the direction of the organisation and, ultimately, sales planning.

Actions to Implement

In summarising, we'll provide action items for you to consider. vetr's Strategic Planning Tool is available for your download and use!


The following statements are awarded when the course is completed:

Strategic Sales Focus - Statement of Completion