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Webinar Bundle - Creative Training Techniques


Outline the benefits of participant-centred training

The Creative Training Techniques webinar event series is designed to free participants from boring and unproductive training sessions and unlock the true potential of every group.

It aims to provide value for trainers of all experience levels. Seasoned trainers will learn new ways to engage and enliven audiences and those who have recently joined the training profession will obtain a great foundation on how to use creative training techniques to attract and maintain the interest of their audiences.

Ultimately, it is a fun, fast-paced, 'how-to' driven event, which promises dozens of innovative techniques, strategies and activities, across the five webinars, that can be immediately applied to the participants' own training situations.

The concepts and ideas shared come from the Train-the-Trainer Boot Camp, the world’s most popular train-the-trainer program, for which MRWED is the exclusive Australian Licensee. The Creative Training Techniques webinar series therefore provides a ‘highlights package’ to help transform the programs of attendees, who will join thousands of trainers from around the world who have used these techniques to increase retention and promote engaging and impactful learning experiences.

#1 - Introduction to Creative Training Techniques
#2 - Amplifying Learning Using C.O.R.E.
#3 - Training FUNdamentals
#4 - Creatively Managing Difficult Behaviours in Training
#5 - Putting it all together - Creative Training Techniques in Practice!

This webinar bundle package comprises 5x digital live webinar sessions.

Investment: $199.00 inc GST.  



Marc Ratcliffe - CEO, MRWED Training and Assessment

Marc is a multi-award-winning trainer, author and education entrepreneur. He is the CEO and founder of MRWED Training and Assessment, a private RTO that specialises in Trainer Training. He is a strong advocate for "edu-tainment" and believes that learner involvement and fun are integral to student success. He continues to be an in-demand conference speaker and workshop facilitator, having presented at more than 50 conferences in a dozen countries in the past decade and was recently named as the winner of the “Best Training and Development Leadership” Award at the World Training and Development Congress.


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