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vetr provides a platform to share your resources in digital formats with other professionals and organisations.
Whether it be forms, the latest greatest spreadsheet tool, learning resource packs and even digital courses & online assessments!

We support a community of education and training organisations and industry-experts who, in turn, seek and create high-quality resources across industry domains.

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How it works...


Register direct with vetr

Reseller & trainer accounts are free!
Get started exploring, curating & creating courses without any upfront investment.

Curate & create your courses

Our user friendly environment will have you creating courses in a flash without the need for lots of technical knowledge.  

Sell your courses!

As a reseller with vetr you're able to sell your courses to other organisations to use!

What's in it for me?

We're glad you asked! Resources you own or produce can be provided for free or for sale online on a global basis - increasing your visibility, providing a large audience for your content and supporting education & training delivery. 

Show me the money!

The vetr team develops and sells resources also - we know the value of your time and effort & also understand that offering fair, flexible compensation options is expected.
With our revenue-sharing model, you are paid for your sales each month.

And with a range of sales approaches - including one-off, subscription and licensing models - you are in control of how you want your hard work shared with others.

What does it take?

 Passion for resources development!
 Of course also domain expertise - you will generally hold relevant certifications.
 A commitment to deliver high quality resources and courses.

How do I build online courses or assessments?

That's one of the best bits! The vetr site enables online courses to be built direct into the site!

Our next generation digital learning environment provides content authoring tools to help you create beautiful courses fast and without any detailed technical knowledge. Upload and embed any kind of media, including audio, video and Office documents.

You can even record audio & video direct into the environment from your laptop or computer, where its automatically compressed and saved ready fro streaming in your course!

Online assessments are also a breeze with 10+ types of assessments such as quizzes, essays, dropbox projects, debates, team, discussion, survey, attendance, offline, SCORM & LTI integration options. 

You have all tools at your fingertips to easily develop, curate or upload learning and assessment content to create course packages. And before you worry about being stuck, you're also able to export your finished work in various international formats including CCF and QTI - ensuring you can use your hard work in other locations (even though you won't want to!).

If you already have online course resources from a commercial application - such as Articulate or Captivate - or resources packaged in the international 'SCORM' format - these can also be uploaded. 

How do I provide other resources? 

Other digital resources can be provided for sale in various common formats!

Yes I'm keen to explore this!

Share your knowledge, and be rewarded for it!

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